What Could Be tomorrow’s Antiques, Today?


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We’ve all heard stories of things from our childhood now being worth hundreds, and even sometimes thousands, of dollars over time. What makes these objects so valuable? How do simple trends become collectible?


Diversify your investments portfolio with some “liquid assets”. Wine collectors who store their wines rather than drinking them right away are yielding high returns.

  •  12,095% - the price increase of a bottle of 1982 vintage for Lafite-Rothschild.
  •  $78,400 – how much 2 bottles of champagne salvaged from a 170 year old shipwreck each went for at auction.
  •  $230,000 – The price an 1869 bottle of Chateau Lafte-Rothschild sold for in 2010.


Top Wines to Buy.

  • Bordeaux
  • Chateauneuf-du-Pape
  • California Cabernets
  • Burgundy
  • Single Quinta Vintage Ports


Storing Wine

12ºC – the temperature at which wine should be stored.

Age-Worthy – wines that can be stored for long periods of time.

17%-20% - the alcohol level of wines that tend to live the longest.



We’ve all heard stories of our childhood toys now being worth fortunes. Here’s a few things to consider when collecting today’s toys for tomorrow.

25-30 – the number of years after their height of popularity that a pop culture icon becomes the most collectible.

$5,998.98 – the value of the Star Wars Ewok Combat Playpack. Sold in 1984 for $17.

G.I. Joe – The original 1963 action figure sold on eBay for $200,000 in 2003.


Top Toys Trends to Buy.

  • Robots – Robosapiens and AIBOs
  • Harry Potter Toys
  • LEGO figurines
  • Imaginext Toys
  • Skylanders


Preserving Toys.

Box – Keeping toys in their original boxes increases the value.

Humidity – Too much moisture can destroy cardboard boxes and discolor plastic. Keep toys in a dry place.

Batteries – Remove all batteries while in storage.



Sure classic comic books can make you money, but original artwork and pages drawn by specific artists can bring in even more!

  • $200,000 – How much a 1952 cover of Weird Science, drawn by Wally Wood sold for at auction.
  •  Batman – One original page from “The Killing Joke” from 1988 went for $31,000.
  •  £0.07 – the original cost of the first X-Men comic published in 1963. Now worth $16,500.


Top Comic Book Artists to Watch.

  • Mahmud A. Asrar
  • Adam Hughes
  • Brian Churilla
  • Declan Shalvey
  • Jenny Frison


Preserving Comic Book Art.

  • Acid-Free – Use plastic bags and boards that are acid-free to help protect comic book art from becoming distorted.
  • 22ºC – optimal storing temperature for art.
  • Organize – categorize and file art accordingly. And handle carefully!


Creative design, slogans, trends and style give us a glimpse into life in the past, which is why advertisements can make for a profitable collectible. The most common ads were just signs, but now companies are employing more unique techniques.

  •  1890 – 1950 – era of porcelain enamel signs.
  •  $700 – Value of TWA Constellation London Travel Poster.
  •  Utilitarian – ads that included useful items such as thermometers, calendars or clocks. This was a technique pioneered by Coca-Cola, making items very sought after by collectors.


Top Branded Objects to Collect

  • Limited Edition Mugs
  • Branded Clothes
  • Glassware
  • Lapel Pins
  •  Canvas bags


Preserving Advertisements

  • Use – don’t use branded items too often.
  • Climate – store in a climate control room.
  • Store – keep in original box or keep stored properly.



1.) Trademarks

Search for distinguishing trademarks from manufacturers and designers.

2.) Condition

Any damage such as chips, excessive wear and cracks will cause the value to drop.

3.) Rarities

Is it common or rare?

4.) Authenticity

Search for subtle details specific to the era and the piece.

5.) Restoration

Look for signs that the antique has been repaired.

6.) Salvageable

Just because it’s damaged doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Resellers have the resources to repair some types of antique damage.

7.) Market

Is there a demand for these items in the current antiques’ market?


By knowing what trends to invest in and how to preserve your collectibles, nostalgic items from our past might turn into our retirement funds later!