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Its always been a passion for me the Arts and Crafts movement and I got interested 15 years ago .My intention is to buy and sell items from this period and including Art nouveau,some art deco and some Modernism and retro pieces together with anything associated with the movement like the Cotswold school.

This dealer is located in United Kingdom
This dealer is located in United Kingdom

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Italian Film Poster's

Ref: Soft Italian posters / LA170228


$155 - €141

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Twenty five Italian film posters. I have had a good look at these and there is nothing too provocative. One could see worse in a national newspaper. Obviously used to advertise adult movies but would have been seen by the public. No offence intended.


Height : 700 mm

Width : 330 mm

Depth : 1 mm


artsncraftsfurniture has clarified that the Italian Film Poster's (Soft Italian posters / LA170228) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1960s onwards.


As per photos . I have taken additional photos using a digital camera so please ask and I will email you these.These photos taken with a camera phone.

Date of Manufacture :


Free delivery worldwide. That's @£5 per poster plus free delivery.


This item is located in United Kingdom. This dealer is located in United Kingdom

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