The March to Finchley
The March to FinchleyThe March to FinchleyThe March to Finchley

The March to Finchley" Hogarth 1750 + Engraving Framed

Ref: HEA/Hogarth / LA103687

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A representation of the march of the guards towards Scotland in the year 1745......aka "The March to Finchley"; scene at Tottenham Court (after the painting in the Foundling Museum) with soldiers gathering to march north to defend London from the Jacobite rebels; the crowd includes, in the foreground, a man urinating painfully against a wall as he reads an advertisement for Dr Rock's remedy for venereal disease, an innocent young piper, a drunken drummer, a young soldier with a pregnant ballad seller (her basket contains "God Save our Noble King" and a portrait of the Duke of Cumberland) and a Jacobite harridan selling newspapers, a milkmaid being kissed by one soldier while another fills his hat from her pail, a muffin man, a chimney boy, a gin-seller whose emaciated baby reaches for a drink; in the background a boxing match takes place under the sign of Giles Gardiner (Adam and Eve), a wagon loaded with equipment follows the marching soldiers and, to right, prostitutes lean from the windows of a brothel at the sign of Charles II's head; beyond the sunlight shines on Hampstead village on the hill. 1750 Etching and engraving but possibly up to 1761


Height : 443 mm - 17.44 in

Width : 566 mm - 22.28 in


Toned due to age

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