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This dealer is located in Wiltshire, United Kingdom

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Dighton: the Frenchman in Distress, Mezzotint Droll

Ref: Hea/Fr / LA59443


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After Dighton.] numbered 515. Printed for & Sold by Bowles & Carver No 6g in St Paul's Church Yard, London. Published as the Act directs [date erased, 1784].

Mezzotint. A street scene; a stout hackney coachman seizes by the collar a tall, lean French barber, who deprecatingly holds out an empty pocket. The barber is fashionably dressed with ruffled shirt; a comb and scissors project from his waistcoat pocket; other tools of his trade have fallen to the ground. The coachman wears a round hat in which are two tickets, one 102 N, showing the number of his coach ; there are holes in his coat, waistcoat and stocking. Behind him (1.) is his coach. On the opposite side of the road (r.) are two amused spectators: a sailor wearing a round hat and striped trousers, and a fat oyster-woman holding a little girl on one arm ; a knife hangs from her waist, and behind her on a bench is a basket of oysters. They stand outside an alehouse, indicated by the sign of chequers and the words London Porter on the shutter of an open sash- window, from which two men are leaning; the dial of a clock inside the room shows that it is five o'clock. Large brick houses receding in perspective complete the background. Beneath the title is engraved:-
Pay me my Fare and be damned to you.
Me ad only von Sixpence pon my Honare.

One of many satires on the popular theme of the beggarly French fop. “The mezzotint droll [was] generally sold for a shilling plain, two shillings coloured. Drolls were usually non-political, exploiting amusing social situations, such as the pretensions of the city nouveau riche, rather than topical events.

The market for comic mezzotints, based on plates which often remained in print for decades, was dominated by relatively few firms, such as that of Carington Bowles, whose shop front is shown in a number of prints….” This one is particularly rare having one in the BM , the original artwork sold at Christies for many £k etc


Heatons has clarified that the Dighton: the Frenchman in Distress, Mezzotint Droll (Hea/Fr / LA59443) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1784.


As seen in pics some age toning to the paper but in what seems to be the original frame and colour with a purchase label to the rear of £630 from the 1980's !

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This item is located in Wiltshire, United Kingdom. This dealer is located in United Kingdom

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