Antique Chests - Types

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Antique Chests - Types

Antique Bachs

Antique Bachs for sale

The bach is a type of coffer with Welsh origin. Bachs features a chest compartment at the top and single draw at the bottom, often with a lock on both compartments. These were mostly made from Oak.

Antique Blanket Chests

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Designed for the storage of blankets these chests have legs to ensure they stay dry keeping them away from any cold wet floor.

Antique Campaign Chests

Antique Campaign Chests for sale

Military campaigns would often last years moving location many times. These chests were built with transportation and durability in mind. Handles to aid people to carry the furniture can often be found on the sides and brass corners were very common to protect the item in transit.

Antique Camphor Chests

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Made in Asia and popular around the 19th Century, the camphor chest or trunk is made from wood and often elaborately carved with Asian scenes.

Antique Coffers

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The coffer is one of the oldest forms of furniture, Coffers were very solidly built and used for the storage of a variety of things such as clothing, food, weapons and even money.

Antique Mule Chests

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A mule chest commonly features draw compartments as well as a lid. Mule chests also usually have legs rather than the base on the floor.

Antique Ottoman

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An ottoman is used as a seat or footstool. Although not always featuring a storage compartment many do have a liftable lid for storage of clothing, blankets or other household items.

Antique Plank Chests

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A plank chest is thinner and longer than a traditional chest getting its name from its similarity in length and depth to a plank of wood. Plank coffers also commonly feature a lockable lid.

Antique Travel Chests

Antique Travel Chests for sale

Antique Travel Chests, also known as antique trunks, were originally used as luggage for extended trips by stagecoach, train, or steamship. Today, given the weight limitations on airplanes and the new, lightweight wheeled luggage now available, travel chests have become a popular accessory for the home.

Antique Walnut Chests

Antique Walnut Chests for sale

Antique Walnut Chests are antique chests made from Walnut wood. They have a rich and superb brown finish, which make them a fantastic edition to any living area.