Antique Clocks - Types

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Antique Clocks - Types

Antique 8 Day Clocks

Antique 8 Day Clocks for sale

Eight-day clocks are unique timepieces that need to be wound every 8th day, traditionally a 7-day clock with a day's grace period. Eight-day clocks are often driven by two weights - one driving the pendulum and the other the striking mechanism, which consists of a bell or chimes. Eight movements usually have two keyholes on either side of the dial to wind each one.

Antique Bracket Clocks

Antique Bracket Clocks for sale

Bracket clocks were popular in the 17th & 18th Centuries. The term 'bracket' originated from small weight pendulum clocks that were mounted by a bracket on a wall to allow the clock's weights to hang.

Antique Carriage Clocks

Antique Carriage Clocks for sale

A carriage clock is a spring-driven clock, designed for travelling. Developed in the early 19th Century in France where they were also known as "Officers Clocks". Although all carriage clocks look similar, there is a variety of differences in size and quality.

Antique Chronometer

Antique Chronometer for sale

An Antique Chronometer is a specific type of timepiece tested and certified to meet certain precision standards in timekeeping. In Switzerland, only timepieces certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) may use the word 'Chronometer' on them.

Antique Clock Sets

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Antique Clocks are sets of clocks, usually made more than a hundred years ago. Clock sets are often in the style of mantel clocks that come in sets of two or three.

Antique Dial Clocks

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An Antique Dial Clock displays the time through the use of moving hands and fixed-number dials. In its most basic form, the compass of the dial is numbered one to twelve indicating the hours in a 12-hour cycle. The short hour hand makes two revolutions in a day.

Antique Fusee Clocks

Antique Fusee Clocks for sale

Antique Fusee Clocks are made in a particular style. The Fusée clock is cut with grooves and helical in shape wound with a chain or cord which is attached to a mainspring barrell. Fusée were used from the 15th Century to the early 20th Century to improve timekeeping by equalizing the uneven pull of the mainspring, which runs down.

Antique Granddaughter Clock

Antique Granddaughter Clock for sale

An Antique Granddaughter Clock is a Longcase Clock, that is usually smaller than the grandfather-style longcase clocks with most of them having electroplated silver dials with the numbers being painted on rather than engraved. These Granddaughter style of Longcase Clock is the smallest of the three varities, with Grandmother and Grandfather clocks the larger options.

Antique Grandfather Clocks

Antique Grandfather Clocks for sale

Antique Grandfather clocks are the grandest and most recognisable of the longcase clocks. Their structure and large size make them an absolute masterpiece. Known as the largest and the oldest of the longcase clock styles, the Grandfather Clock is certainly one of the most magnificent timekeeping pieces available.

Antique Grandmother Clocks

Antique Grandmother Clocks for sale

An Antique Grandmother Clock is a type of longcase clock, which has a pendulum. Antique Grandmother clocks are slightly smaller than Grandfather Clocks, but larger than Granddaughter Clocks.

Antique Longcase Clocks

Antique Longcase Clocks for sale

A longcase clock is a free-standing, tall, weight-driven pendulum clock with the pendulum held on the waist of the case or inside the tower. Longcase Clocks are usually in one of three styles, the Grandfather, Grandmother or Granddaughter style. Longcase clocks, traditionally were made with 2 types of movement: 'one day 30 hour movements' and 'eight day'.

Antique Mantel Clocks

Antique Mantel Clocks for sale

Antique Mantel Clocks were first developed in France in the 18th Century. They get their name from typically being placed on a mantel or shelf in the home. They are the perfect compliment for the living room, sitting above a fireplace. They are generally small but decorative, ornate pieces of works. French Empire-style are the most common mantel clocks.

Antique Moon Phase Clocks

Antique Moon Phase Clocks for sale

An Antique Moon Phase Clock is a decorative timepiece. It is also a useful tool for conceptualising the moon's phases, also known as lunar phases. Using the centre point to represent the Earth, a moon phase clock is a visual representation of how the Earth's position and the moon's shadow interact to create lunar phases.

Antique Spelter Clocks

Antique Spelter Clocks for sale

Antique Spelter Clocks were a common timekeeping choice during the 19th Century. They were considered an alternative to bronze or gilt. Usually made from an alloy, which was made up of equal parts such as zinc and copper.

Antique Travel Clocks

Antique Travel Clocks for sale

Antique Travel Clocks are relatively small timekeeping pieces from over a hundred years ago. Travel clocks were used as early as the 15th Century. Travelling clocks became more sophisticated and more technically developed as they grew in popular through the Centuries.

Antique Wall Clocks

Antique Wall Clocks for sale

Antique Wall Clocks represent the largest category of antique clocks and are among the earliest forms of clock designed for the home. Some of the first wall clocks were the cartel clocks from 18th Century France.