Antique Furniture - Types

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Antique Furniture - Types

Antique Armoires

Antique Armoires for sale

Armoires are tall, freestanding cabinets with doors that hide shelves and drawers but provide space for hanging clothes. Armoires were devised by the French in the 17th century, and were based on the humble chest. The name comes from the Latin word “armorium”. Originally an Armoire was used to store armor and weapons but they are now more commonly used to store personal belongings such as clothes, personal items and even entertainment centres i.e. computer/home office storage.

Antique Bedroom Suite

Antique Bedroom Suite for sale

Antique bedroom suites became largely popular in the eary 20th Century when Interior Design was established and new design styles were evolving. They are a great way of ensuring that all of your essential pieces of bedroom furniture are matching.

Antique Beds

Antique Beds for sale

French beds and Antique four-poster beds are the most popular types of antique beds. The four poster bed dates back to the 15th century. However the Tudors did not have memory foam mattresses.

Antique Bedside Tables & Cabinets

Antique Bedside Tables & Cabinets for sale

Bedside tables and cabinets are also referred to as nightstands and night tables. These were used to store chamber pots before indoor toilets became more common. When buying antique bedside furniture it is worth baring in mind the rooms existing furniture style and period. Beds and wardrobes being the larger pieces usually dictate the style.

Antique Benches

Antique Benches for sale

Antique Benches were mainly made from oak or pine and are more often than not from the Georgian period but some later models are earliest styles but adapted with individual arts and crafts influence. Mainly English period benches are in the Jacobean or Elizabethan styles but some vintage French models are more refined and have influence of Louis IV. Some of the later models can be seen from Art Nouveau or Art Deco periods.

Antique Bookcases

Antique Bookcases for sale

A good selection of antique bookcases from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian era that can be found from every variety including bureau bookcases, open bookcases, sectional stacking bookcases and revolving bookcases. Each bookcase will use a variety of woods from Mahogany, Oak,Pine, Rosewood etc.

Antique Cabinets

Antique Cabinets for sale

Antique Cabinets can be used in many ways which means there is a variety of different cabinets that have been made throughout history, for example you have side cabinets, corner cabinets and wall cabinets which have been specifically designed to fit in various spots in a household. You can also havebedside cabinets for the bedroom, display cabinets (which can display those precious sentimental objects) and more Art Deco / Retro cabinets such as a cocktail cabinet or a drinks cabinet. Our cabinets displayed are mainly from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Antique Canterbury

Antique Canterbury for sale

Canterbury furniture can be varied to suit any specific requirement. The variety of the Canterbury range that is on loveantiques is perfectly blended between traditional but yet stylish and simple creations. Our collection on our site are usually hand-made from solid oak with pine innards, featuring a durable stain and lacquered wood finish that gives that stunning subtle sheen and a solid oak veneer for a vigorous, yet natural look that would look good in any room.

Antique Chairs

Antique Chairs for sale

With many antique chairs on LoveAntiques from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras you should hopefully find the chair that you have been looking for. You may be looking to add a bit of antique furniture to the living room like an armchair? If so you have come to the right place. We have antique desk chairs / office chairs that would look great in a study or maybe it is antique dining chairs or kitchen chairs to match that antique kitchen table you already have. You will also find antique French chairs, revolving chairs and swivel chairs available as well as my personal favorite theantique rocking chair. We have the usual popular designs from mahogany chairs, oak chairs,rosewood chairs and walnut chairs but you may also find other designs from ash, birch and elm.

Antique Chest of Drawers

Antique Chest of Drawers for sale

One of the most common pieces of antique furniture, Chests of drawers have been popular in every period and produced in many different styles and materials.

Antique Chests

Antique Chests for sale

Antique chests also known as coffers are one of the oldest types of antique furniture. They has a lift able lids and are mainly for storage. The early uses for chests would have been the storage valuable items and weapons.

Antique Commodes

Antique Commodes for sale

‘Commode’ translated from French into English means ‘convenient’. The phrase Commode was adopted by English furniture designers in the 18th century, and they used it to describe a chest of draws with an elaborate or highly detailed carved front.

Antique Cupboards

Antique Cupboards for sale

Antique cupboards can be for both practical and display purposes. Usually with shelving inside, cupboards are used for everything from displaying ornaments and china to the storage of linen. Cupboards sometimes feature a lockable door.

Antique Display Furniture

Antique Display Furniture for sale

From old shop cabinets to glass fronted cupboards. Antique display furniture is a great way to keep your beloved items on display but locked away safe and sound.

Antique Dressers

Antique Dressers for sale

Used mainly for the display of china and crockery the dresser was found in the dinning room as well as the kitchen. The Welsh Dresser usually consists of a cupboard or chest of draws below and shelving for display on the upper section.

Antique Dressing Tables

Antique Dressing Tables for sale

Vintage dressing tables also known as vanity tables have at least one mirror and are used to aid in the application of makeup. The dressing table first started to appear in homes around the 18th Century.

Antique Hall Stands

Antique Hall Stands for sale

Hallstands are used to store coats from the lower pegs, hats on the top pegs and umbrellas stand upright in the middle section.

Antique Lowboys

Antique Lowboys for sale

The term Lowboy is more commonly used in the USA. A Lowboy refers to a dressing table or side table in the bedroom with one or two rows of draws.

Antique Oriental Furniture

Antique Oriental Furniture for sale

Oriental furniture refers to pieces manufactured in Asia, but predominantly China, Japan and Thailand. Oriental furniture often features detailed carving with a high attention to detail.

Antique Post-1940s

Antique Post-1940s for sale

Although not classed as ‘antique’ retro and vintage furniture is very popular. The 50’s and 60’s saw the use of plastic and bright colours, pushing the boundaries of design.

Antique Settle

Antique Settle for sale

The Settle is a long bench with a high decretive back. Often with storage under the bench, Settle’s are used in modern day home hallways for storage and putting on shoes.

Antique Shelves

Antique Shelves for sale

A horizontal plane, shelving can be used for a number of things such as the storage and display of books, ornaments and photographs.

Antique Sideboards

Antique Sideboards for sale

Traditional used in the dinning room to serve food onto, the sideboard usually has a cupboard below for extra storage space. When food was not being served a families best silver service was often left on display on the surface.

Antique Sofas

Antique Sofas for sale

Much more formal than the sofas of today, antique sofas were upholstered benches for seating 2 or more people.

Antique Stools

Antique Stools for sale

A seat with no arms or back. Stools come in many different sizes, from foot stools to bar stools.

Antique Tables

Antique Tables for sale

The most common type of antique table is the dining room table. However as entertaining becomes less formal through the ages we see coffee tables, nests of tables and games tables become more popular.

Antique Tallboys & Highboys

Antique Tallboys & Highboys for sale

The Tallboy refers to a chest of draws with a wardrobe above. A Highboy is a piece of furniture when both the top and bottom section consist of between 5-7 long draws.

Antique Wardrobes

Antique Wardrobes for sale

The wardrobe is a piece of furniture used for the storage of clothing. Also known as an Armoire, the wardrobe can often feature a chest of draws in the lower section.

Antique Washstands

Antique Washstands for sale

Before running water became more common inside the home the washstand was designed for holding a wash basin and water pitcher. They usually feature a Marble surface which is obviously resistant to any water damage. Antique washstands disappeared from the home with the emergence of modern day plumbing.

Antique Whatnots

Antique Whatnots for sale

The Whatnots is an item of antique furniture with thin upright pillars and between 3-4 shelves. Used to display a number of different things such as ornaments, china and even deserts, hence the allusive name ‘what not’.