Antique Lighting - Types

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Antique Lighting - Types

Antique Candelabra

Antique Candelabra for sale

The Antique Candelabra typically have a simple purpose, to give numerous candles a place to burn. Candelabra's are often designed elegantly and incorporate designs from the period the item was designed. They hold many different candles and, in recent times, some antique dealers have chosen to add electric lighting to antique candelabras in order to modernise their appeal and make them a more reliable lighting source, compared to the naked flame of the candle.

Antique Candle Holder

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Antique Candle Holder's have the simple purpose of holding a candle safely in place, making it portable for someone walking round with it in hand. They are usually relatively small, portable items with a comfortable handle or area for one to grip.

Antique Candlesticks

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Antique Candlesticks are candlesticks from an earlier period and are usually hundred years or more old. The prime use of a candlestick is to securely hold candles in place to providing lighting for the home, in recent times however candlesticks have become more of an ornament for the home. Antique candlesticks vary greatly between complex and simple designs, different materials from wood to metal and different shapes and sizes.

Antique Ceiling Lights

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Antique Ceiling Lights are lights in different shapes and designs that are attached to hang from the ceiling. The lights are attached to the ceiling on different brackets and are usually over hundred years old.

Antique Chambersticks

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Antique Chambersticks are usually small and handheld items made out of metal or wood. Chambersticks hold a candle firmly in place for one to carry around, to provide light. The purpose of these handheld items was to provide light for those walking to and from their chambers.

Antique Chandeliers

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Antique Chandeliers are decorative lights that hang from the ceiling. They are the most beautiful of light fixtures and can be excessive in their detail. The earliest candle chandeliers were used by the wealthy in the medieval times.

Antique Table Lamps

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Antique Table Lamps are lighting devices for providing light to a desk or table. These lamps are quite small in stature and are more portable than Standard Lamps. They are designed beautifully and delicately, and are a useful accompaniment to any study or office area.

Antique Lamps

Antique Lamps for sale

Antique Lamps are lighting items from an earlier period. The antique lamp has been popular through many different styles, from Victorian through to the more modern vintage eras. The earliest type of lamp was the oil lamp with a simplistic vessel with an absorbant wick. These early lamps were later replaced by electronic versions.

Antique Lanterns

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Antique Lanterns have been used for a large portion of history as the main source of light in the electricity-free world. Antique Lanterns usually have a protective area around a light, like a candle or wick, which is beautifully designed to protect the light so it can be used as a reliable light source.

Antique Spotlights

Antique Spotlights for sale

Antique Spotlights are powerful lights made to beem a lot of light into an area, they had many uses including as search lights, for photography shoots, for film lighting, for highlighting aspects of a room,e.g. museums, and for anything else that needs a concentration of light. More recently spotlights have been used in interior design to add a dramatic lighting element to a room, they also look very good as interior objects in certain styles of interior design.

Antique Standard Lamps

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An Antique Standard Lamp is a lighting object which stands on the floor and provides light to a room. Antique Lamps are delicate structures, made elegantly usually out of metal or wood, and are designed to look beautifully in place in any room.

Antique Wall Lights

Antique Wall Lights for sale

Antique Wall Lights are light-fitting objects intended to be fitted against a wall. These are often used as side lights or secondary lights in a room. Traditionally the wall lights would hold a candle or wick in place, but in modern times the candle has been replaced by electric lighting.