Antique Sculptures & Carvings - Types

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Antique Sculptures & Carvings - Types

Antique Animal Sculptures

Antique Animal Sculptures for sale

Animals often hold symbolic meaning in art and sculptures and since early man humans have been carving animals for both artistic and religions purposes. However they can simply be appreciated for there beauty.

Antique Busts

Antique Busts for sale

The bust refers to the top section of a persons body, from the head down to the chest. Bronze and marble were the most common materials for sculptors.

Antique Carvings

Antique Carvings for sale

Antique carvings are the oldest form of sculpture. The most popular subjects are people and animals.

Antique Figures

Antique Figures for sale

Antique figures can be created from a number of different materials such as marble, wood, bronze, ivory, jade, lead, terracotta and cast iron to name but a few.