Antique Sideboards - Types

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Antique Sideboards - Types

Antique Bow Front Sideboards

Antique Bow Front Sideboards for sale

Antique Bow Front Sideboards were popular mainly in the Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian eras. The term 'bow front sideboards' refers to a curve in the sideboard.

Antique Buffets

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Buffet sideboards originate from Sweden around the 16th Century and became very popular during the 18th Century. It was modernised during the 19th Century and became more popular in Europe due to the expansion of railroads.

The term buffet sideboards originally referred to French sideboard furniture where food was served, but eventually became applied to the serving format. The word "buffet" became popular in the English speaking world in the second half of the 20th century after the Swedes had popularized the "smorgasbord" in New York.

Antique Carved Sideboards

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Antique Carved Sideboards are usually from an earlier period and are at least 100 years old. Antique hand carved sideboards rely heavily upon rosewood as its timber though other precious woods such as oak, mahogany and walnut are also extensively used.

Antique Chiffoniers

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An antique chiffoniere may be used to describe at least two types of furniture, namely a low cupboard used as a sideboard or with a raised bookshelf on top.

Its name comes directly from a French piece of furniture, the chiffoniere, which comes from the French for a 'rag-picker'. This suggests that it was originally intended as a receptacle for odds and ends which had no place elsewhere.

Antique Credenzas

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The credenza started off as a rough table with a cloth draped over it in early 14th Century in Italy, where it took on an architectural form with column and pilaster decorations.

In more modern times, a credenza is more often a type of sideboard used in the home or even a restaurant. In dining rooms, it is typically made from wood and used as a platform to serve buffet meals. In restaurant kitchens it is more commonly made from stainless steel where it provides a side surface and storage cupboards.

Antique Dresser Bases

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An antique dresser base might have started life as a complete dresser (with top) but would have been altered at a later date, having the top removed, thus taking on the form of a side board.

Antique Mirror Backed Sideboards

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An antique mirror back sideboard is where a mirror is built into the back of a sideboard which can then double up as a dressing table.

Antique Painted Sideboards

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An antique painted sideboard is a piece of furniture that has been hand painted by a designer or maker to give it that more modern look.

Antique Pedestal Sideboards

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A pedestal sideboard has pedestals either side of the sideboard table and would often contain cellaret drawers, with divisions to hold items such as wine bottles and sometime a compartment for a chamber pot which was very useful for those long dinner parties after the ladies had retired to the drawing room.

A wine cooler or sarcophagus was frequently placed on the floor between the two pedestals.

Antique Servers

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Antique servers were designed to be smaller and lighter in scale than buffets. They may have drawers and an open bottom on taller legs, or they may have cabinets, similar to a buffet or sideboard.

The term "server" derives from the fact that the people serving the food in a formal dining room or in restaurants were called servers, and the server was somewhere where the serving dishes could be placed. Practically speaking, shops and furniture makers tend to use the word "server" interchangeably with "buffet," though servers are likely to be smaller.