Antique Silver - Types

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Antique Silver - Types

Antique Miscellaneous Silver

Antique Miscellaneous Silver for sale

Antique Miscellaneous Silver is a mixture of antique silver that doesn't necessary fall in to one of the LoveAntiques' categories associated with antique silver. View a collection of unique silver items within this miscellaneous category.

Antique Silver Baskets

Antique Silver Baskets for sale

Antique Silver Baskets is an item of silver from an earlier period designed in a basket shape. Antique sivler baskets are beautiful ways of storing items in the home on display, as they are often delicately decorated and stylish.

Antique Silver Bowls

Antique Silver Bowls for sale

Antique Silver Bowls, are bowls from an earlier period, usually 100 years or more ago, made from Silver. Silver Bowls have been used for many different purposes in the past, and are beautiful in their design. There's nothing more classy than a silver bowl on the dining table.

Antique Silver Boxes

Antique Silver Boxes for sale

Antique Silver Boxes are boxes made from silver from an earlier period. Silver boxes are a classy and beautiful way to safe guard smaller items in the home, such as jewellery.

Antique Silver Candlesticks

Antique Silver Candlesticks for sale

Antique Silver Candlesticks are candlesticks from an earlier period made from silver. The style of silver candlestick can vary considerably, but there is a certain unique beauty and elegance about a candle in a silver candlestick.

Antique Silver Card Holders

Antique Silver Card Holders for sale

Antique Silver Card Holders are usually 100 years old and are made from silver. The cardholder's function allows people to store cards in the holder. The designs vary and they are a fashionable addition for anyone carrying around business cards.

Antique Silver Carrington

Antique Silver Carrington for sale

Antique Silver Carrington refers to silver from an earlier period made by the silvermakers Carrington and Co.

Antique Silver Coasters

Antique Silver Coasters for sale

Antique Silver Coasters are coasters made from silver from over 100 years ago. There are many uses for antique silver coasters, the main one being holding drinks in place, hence the popularity of the classic wine coasters.

Antique Silver Coffee Pots

Antique Silver Coffee Pots for sale

Antique Silver Coffee Pots are items of silver used and shaped to serve coffee. Key characteristics include a spout and handle.

Antique Silver Condiments

Antique Silver Condiments for sale

Antique Silver Condiments are items of antique silver for condiments in the kitchen. Subcategories of condiments include mustard pots, salt & pepper pots, salts and more.

Antique Silver Cruet

Antique Silver Cruet for sale

Antique Silver Cruets are a collection of antique condiments, which are part of a set and made out of silver.

Antique Silver Cups

Antique Silver Cups for sale

Antique Silver Cups add a touch of elegance to any table setting, whether a fancy event or special occasion.

Antique Silver Cutlery

Antique Silver Cutlery for sale

Antique Silver Cutlery is cutlery from an earlier period. Antique Silver Cutlery epitomises high-value tableware, and was the basis for many monetary systems of trade throughout history. Remember to check the hallmarks on all silver items you buy, as well as seeking information on how to maintain and care for such high quality tableware.

Antique Hanau Silver

Antique Hanau Silver for sale

Antique Hanau Silver is a very decorated and heavily engraved fantasist style of Silver making. Hanua was described as “a line of antique reproduction silver in the Gothic, Renaissance, and Mannerist styles. Because of his superb craftsmanship he soon received royal commissions.” by Dorothea Burstyn. The antique industry of Hanau often chose to mark its output with fantasy marks to trick and inspire silver makers of the time.

Antique Silver Dishes

Antique Silver Dishes for sale

Antique Silver Dishes are the perfect way to impress your guests at your dinner parties. An antique silver dish adds a touch of class and beauty to a dinner table set up. Made from antique silver, so always check the hallmark on the piece.

Antique Silver Flasks/Hip Flasks

Antique Silver Flasks/Hip Flasks for sale

Antique Silver Flasks & Hip Flask are drinking vessels for holding a distilled beverage. The size and shapes vary with flasks, but hip flasks are often shaped to suit a trouser pocket. Antique Silver Flasks should be in excess of a hundred years old.

Antique Silver Frames

Antique Silver Frames for sale

Antique Silver Frames are the most glamorous of ways to show off a picture or photograph in the home. Styles of ten vary, and they are most commonly made from Sterling Silver.

Antique Silver Goblets

Antique Silver Goblets for sale

Antique Silver Goblets were often made for drinking wine from. The Scandinavians are thought to have made the first sterling silver drinking vessels. The trend spread around Europe with different types of drinking vessels made from different types of Silver, the Silver Goblet being one of them.

Antique Silver Jugs

Antique Silver Jugs for sale

Antique Silver Jugs are jugs made from silver dating back over a hundred years ago. There are many different types of antique silver jug, the most common however is a silver jug with a handle and spout attached to make it easier to pour wine.

Antique Silver Kitchenalia

Antique Silver Kitchenalia for sale

Antique Silver Kitchenalia are items of antique silver made for the kitchen. Kitchenalia items can be anything involved in and around the kitchen, such as utensils, kitchen aids and menu holders.

Antique Silver Knives

Antique Silver Knives for sale

Antique Silver Knives can also be named under silver flatware. Silver knives are a fantastic and subtle addition to a beautiful dinner table or kitchen setting.

Antique Silver Menu Holders

Antique Silver Menu Holders for sale

Antique Silver Menu Holders are items of antique silver used to hold paper or card pieces, most commonly menus.

Antique Silver Mugs

Antique Silver Mugs for sale

There are many different types of Antique Silver Mugs, such as Christening Mugs, Goblets and Tankards. Antique Silver Mugs are used as drinking vessels and are often decorated in beautiful and elaborate styles.

Antique Hennell Silver

Antique Hennell Silver for sale

Antique Hennell Silver is a style of silver made famous by the great Hennell name. Made by renowned British silversmiths David and Robert Hennell the silver is most sought after.

A typical hallmark from a piece made by Robert Hennell as picture above. Hallmarks from the Hennell silversmiths would often include a lion passant, London mark, duty mark, letter for date and maker's mark RH over DH for Robert and David Hennell.

Antique Silver Plated

Antique Silver Plated for sale

Antique Silver Plated items have a silver overlaying on the surface, but a different metal underneath the overlaying. The Silver Plate gives the item a beautiful and classy finish.

Antique Silver Salt Cellars

Antique Silver Salt Cellars for sale

Antique Silver Salt (and pepper) cellars are a delightful and decorative touch to any table. Seasoning has been an important part of dining for hundreds of years, and salt and pepper cellars were used to store both types of seasoning.

Antique Silver Salvers

Antique Silver Salvers for sale

Antique Silver Salvers are similar to trays, they're used on the table to display or store certain items in a decorative manner. They are often Silver Plated or made from Sterling Silver.

Antique Silver Sauce Boats

Antique Silver Sauce Boats for sale

Antique Silver Sauce Boats are beautiful in style and shape, they have a handle and a spout, and make it easy for those dining to pour a sauce from the boat onto the plate. They're decorated in many different ways to ensure there's a type of sauce boat for every occasion.

Antique Silver Scent Bottles

Antique Silver Scent Bottles for sale

Antique Silver Scent Bottles were used for storing perfume. Some designs of Scent Bottles are large for use in the home, and others are smaller to carry around in a handbag.

Antique Silver Service Set

Antique Silver Service Set for sale

Antique Silver Service Set are sets of silver items usually associated with Tea and Coffee. Silver Service Sets are grand in design and make afternoon tea extra special.

Antique Silver Spoons

Antique Silver Spoons for sale

Antique Silver Spoons are items of flatware made silver. The spoon is the oldest form of flatware, and the introduction of Silver Spoons added a delicate beauty that only silver can offer to the flatware items. Sterling silver spoons are usually 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Antique Silver Tankard

Antique Silver Tankard for sale

Antique Silver Tankards are drinking vessels. They are often decorated with engraved carvings to add elegance, but can also be more simply designed to showcase the quality of the silver.

Antique Silver Tea Caddy

Antique Silver Tea Caddy for sale

Antique Silver Tea Caddy is a silver pot for holding loose tea leaf. Remember to check the hallmark for information about the silver maker and the quality of silver.

Antique Silver Teapots

Antique Silver Teapots for sale

Antique Silver Teapots are designed to hold tea beverages. They add a beautiful, unique touch to any afternoon tea party.

Antique Silver Trays

Antique Silver Trays for sale

Antique Silver Trays are used for displaying and carrying items. They are beautiful in design and often have engravings to show elegance.

Antique Silver Vases

Antique Silver Vases for sale

Antique Silver Vases are beautiful items, which are very useful. They sit elegantly in any living setting, and are a perfect accompaniment to hold a special bunch of flowers.