Antique Tables - Types

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Antique Tables - Types

Antique Breakfast Tables

Antique Breakfast Tables for sale

Antique Breakfast Tables are tables that stand on a solitary pedestal and are able to be tilted, so they are easy to put away to the side or in the corner of a room. They emerged in the late Georgian period and were made up until the late Victorian era. The high end Victorian breakfast tables often have superb inlayed sections and burr veneers.

Antique Card Tables

Antique Card Tables for sale

Antique Card Tables were finely-crafted tables made in the 18th and 19th Century for the purpose of playing cards. Wealthy families in America, Europe and Britain used card tables often in their social time playing card games with their friends and family. Mahogany wood was a popular choice, but maple, rosewood, satinwood and walnut were other woods that were sometimes used.

Antique Coffee Tables

Antique Coffee Tables for sale

In the 18th Century Low Tables were designed as Antique Coffee Tables. The antique coffee table may have been pioneered from the Ottoman Empire which was based on low tables being used in tea gardens. As low tables were common in Japan and the Anglo-Japanese fashion was popular throughout the United Kingdom in the 1870s & 1880s this would seem to be the most likely explanation for the development of the coffee table.

Antique Console Tables

Antique Console Tables for sale

Antique Console Tables have ornamented brackets that support a tabletop or shelf. There definition comes from the fact the table is assisted by ornamented brackets that are designed to stand against or be fixed to a wall. They originate from the 18th Century, and were made by French manufacturers and have been in style since.

Antique Cricket Tables

Antique Cricket Tables for sale

Antique Cricket Tables are made with three legs, and when they are placed outside on uneven ground they are more likely to be stable. The bottom of the table will often have a tray to keep items, such as drinks, on and out of the way of the sun's rays.

Antique Dining Tables

Antique Dining Tables for sale

Antique Dining Tables are big tables made for households to dine from. They're often the centre piece of a dining room, which is typically the family's place for eating. Antique dining tables are made from of a range of different materials such as marble, metal and different woods, such as mahogany, oak, pine and walnu. Dining tables are still popular in modern day homes, although are often made a lot less sturdier than the antique variety, which has already stood the test of time.

Antique Drop Leaf Tables

Antique Drop Leaf Tables for sale

An Antique Drop-leaf Table has a fixed section to the center and a hinged leaf section on either side and that can be dropped/folded. Antique drop-leaf tables are made in a variety of woods from mahogany, oak, pine and walnut. An antique drop-leaf table would be a stylish and useful addition to any household.

Antique Dumbwaiter

Antique Dumbwaiter for sale

The Antique Dumbwaiter Table is a curious piece of British furniture that was created in the 18th century to replace waiters in a room, and so hold a number of different items, such as drinks, plates, canapes and food. The dumbwaiter table often has three tiers to hold as many items as possible on. The antique dumbwaiter was a useful item of furniture which could be used for preventing servants from listening in on the intrigue, gossip and scandal of their masters.

Antique Extending Tables

Antique Extending Tables for sale

Antique Extending Tables are similar to dining tables in size, but have the added feature of being extendable, which makes them really useful at family and social gatherings. Antique extending tables are made in a variety of different woods, including oak, mahogany, pine and walnut. An antique extending table is a useful addition to any kitchen or dining room, turning a normal sized table into a large table with a simple extendable function.

Antique Farmhouse Tables

Antique Farmhouse Tables for sale

Having an Antique Farmhouse Table in a kitchen or dining room gives plenty of rustic charm. Some people might opt for a bench to either one side or both sides giving that alternative look to the table. Another great alternative can be a solid oak-topped table which tolerate heavy use and are very durable. There are a variety of antique farmhouse tables, e.g. drop leaf which accommodates small areas where extra seating is sometimes needed.

Antique Games Table

Antique Games Table for sale

An Antique Games Table is a piece of furniture that provides necessary storage space for games accessories/equipment such as cards and a separate space for writing implements. It is often called a "gaming table" or "games table", which leads to uncertainty with pieces of furniture (modern or antique) which are built purposely for gaming only, with no provision or intention for use as a desk.

Antique Gateleg Tables

Antique Gateleg Tables for sale

An Antique Gateleg Table was first created in the 16th Century in the United Kingdom and is a type of furniture. There is usually a fixed section to the table top and 1 or 2 hinged leaves, that when not used will fold down below the fixed section which make it hang vertically.

Antique Hall Tables

Antique Hall Tables for sale

Antique Hall Tables give you a narrow depth but very useful for storing things in your hallway. They are ideal to store lamps, telephones and general accessories. On loveantiques you will find a variety of styles that are available so whether you prefer mahogany, oak, pine, walnut or even a high gloss hall table there are several styles to suit your preference.

Antique Kitchen Tables

Antique Kitchen Tables for sale

Antique Kitchen Tables are all unique but still manage to balance between practicality and beautiful looks. Because all antique kitchen tables are different you will find a range that will emphasize the character you most want from your dining experience.

Antique Lamp Tables

Antique Lamp Tables for sale

The Antique Lamp Table would make an ideal occasional table that would be a great versatile piece of furniture that compliments any dining room or lounge. You will find antique lamp tables in a variety of woods that include mahogany, oak, pine and walnut.

Antique Library Tables

Antique Library Tables for sale

Antique Library Tables can include writing desks or 'partners' library tables. Partners tables usually have drawers on both sides which allows two 'partners' to work at the same table. You can find antique library tables from Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian periods in a selection of woods from mahogany, oak, pine and walnut.

Antique Nest Of Tables

Antique Nest Of Tables for sale

Antique Nest of Tables come in a range of shapes, styles and wood types. The ideal piece of furniture for your living room would be an antique nest of tables as they provide you with 2 or 3 tables and they do not take up too much space.

Antique Occasional Tables

Antique Occasional Tables for sale

Antique Occasional Tables are deemed to be tables used infrequently. They are often small with slim legs and are utilised more for decoration than practicality, and therefore serve a lesser purpose than larger more functional tables, or tables that have specific uses such as lamp tables or coffee tables for example.

Antique Pembroke Tables

Antique Pembroke Tables for sale

Antique Pembroke Tables was designed for occasional use and took its name from Henry Herbert who was an amateur architect, a noted connoisseur and the 9th Earl of Pembroke (1693–1751). The Pembroke table has 2 drawers and flaps on both sides which can be elevated by brackets on hinges (also known as “elbows”) which helps increase its size. Usually provided with casters the legs of the common English versions are reinforced or supported by X-shaped stretchers.

Antique Refectory Tables

Antique Refectory Tables for sale

Antique Refectory Tables are extremely practical and durable usually with a depth of patinantion and wonderful colours. Because the surface on a refectory table does not usually have a shellac polish finish that you would see on a table that is made from mahogany for example, it would be more suited to a more multi-purpose modern kitchen where a refectory table is more likely to be used as a work surface or a desk than it would be for dining.

Antique Sewing Tables

Antique Sewing Tables for sale

Antique Sewing Tables from the United Kingdom that come in the Regency and Georgian styles are very popular but can vary greatly in value. This probably comes down to the overall condition and craftsmanship of the individual table.

Antique Side Tables

Antique Side Tables for sale

There are many different varieties of Antique Side Tables from gate leg tables to piecrust tables. Some varieties are rarer than others; e.g. hutch tables that fold upwards to becoming an armchair and they are quite rare, particularly as side tables. You will find the most popular woods used as a side table will be mahogany, oak, pine and walnut.

Antique Tea Tables

Antique Tea Tables for sale

During the early 18th Century Antique Tea Tables that were being used tended to be a small rectangular type, with tray tops to aid in the purpose of serving. As time went on round tea tables introduced tilt tops which made it easier for the table to be stored against a wall when not being used. A wood that was commonly used for a tea table was mahogany but others may be used as well such as oak, maple or walnut.

Antique Tripod Tables

Antique Tripod Tables for sale

Antique Tripod Tables are modest with its design with rounded edges and plain tops. Sometimes they have carved decorated bases and columns. Usually with this style of antique table it would have tilt tops which enables them to be pushed against the wall after use and out of the way.

Antique Victorian Dining Tables

Antique Victorian Dining Tables for sale

Antique Victorian Dining Tables come in a variety of styles. A classic Victorian dining table would usually be hand-crafted from a mahogany wood, with a leaf system which extends the table and bulbous hand turned legs.

Antique Wine Tables

Antique Wine Tables for sale

An Antique Wine Table originated from the 15th Century and was used for facilitating after-dinner drinking. Cabinetmakers used to call it a "Gentleman's Social Table." Through time more elaborate illustrations of wine tables were built with a bottle-holder, a wine-carriage that revolves and maybe a tray that works on a balanced arm that enabled the bottles to be passed to guest's without wobbling or shaking.

Antique Writing Tables

Antique Writing Tables for sale

Antique Writing Tables as like other desk forms were occasionally built with at the time, what was a complicated mechanism of levers and gears to make sections pop up or slide out when specific panels were pulled. In this instance, it can sometimes be called a mechanical table/desk.