Antique Treen - Types

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Antique Treen - Types

Antique Drinking & Eating Vessels

Antique Drinking & Eating Vessels for sale

Treen is the generic term for household items made from wood. Wood has been used to make many household items over the centuries such as bowls, pots and egg cups.

Antique Miscellaneous Treen

Antique Miscellaneous Treen for sale

Miscellaneous Treen is a mixture of antique treen that doesn't necessary fall in to one of the LoveAntiques' categories associated with treen.

Antique Mortars

Antique Mortars for sale

Mortars and pestles are used to crush and grind ingredients into powder or paste form. Treen mortars have been carved from a number of woods such as Walnut and Lignum vitae.

Antique Snuff & Tobacco

Antique Snuff & Tobacco for sale

Treen tobacco items were very popular in the 19th Century. Pipes, tobacco jars and snuff boxes are among some of the items in this category.

Antique Wooden Tools

Antique Wooden Tools for sale

Wooden tools have been used in homes and the workplace for hundreds of years.