Antique Wardrobes & Armoires - Types

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Antique Wardrobes & Armoires - Types

Antique Breakfront Wardrobes

Antique Breakfront Wardrobes for sale

When the central section of the wardrobe project further forward than other sections this is called a breakfront wardrobe.

Antique Burr Wardrobes

Antique Burr Wardrobes for sale

Burr wood is a gained wood. The 17th century saw the first use of Burr Veneer and it was mainly burr walnut that was used for wardrobes at this time.


Antique Double Wardrobes

Antique Double Wardrobes for sale

As double wardrobes are obviously bigger than single wardrobes they offer more functions such as draws and lockable compartments.

Antique Triple Wardrobes

Antique Triple Wardrobes for sale

Triple wardrobes often offer shelving as well as room for hanging clothing. A mirror is often included in the middle section to keep a symmetrical look.