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Item of The Week - Oil Portrait of Richard Graves by Gilbert Jackson c.1621

If you’re an avid Art Collector and you have a fine eye for a quality portrait, then this might just be of interest to you; For this weeks’ Item of the week we bring you this superb 17th Century Oil Portrait of Richard Graves.  

At a glance, this handsome gentleman looks rather superior in his black garments & white ruff collar and has a somewhat Shakespearean essence about him. He appears well off and could be perceived to be a very well to do character perhaps from an upper class background, and indeed he may well have been.

But it seems that Richard Graves earned his apparent wealth. He was a middle-aged business man who lived in London.  A Haberdasher & the owner of many properties, messuages and taverns; indeed, one of the most presentable, smartest & well-groomed Landlords we’ve ever seen!

This portrait which is dated c.1621, was painted by Gilbert Jackson. Jackson was a travelling portrait painter who was known to paint Gentry & Professionals; very little is known about him personally but one thing is certain and that’s his ability to create visually striking portraits. The contrast between Graves’ black & red clothing, white collar & rosy cheeks is outstanding and creates a superb visual impact.  And this portrait is presented in its original 17th Century gilt-wood, deeply carved, ornate frame. 

So if you’re looking for a statement piece to adorn the walls of your home, look no further.

This Fabulous painting is being sold by Mansion House Antiques & Fine Art for £12,500 


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Posted May 11th, 2017 by LoveAntiques and filed under Item of the Week

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