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Item of The Week - Original Winfield King Size Bed

When shopping for a new bed, I think most of us mainly consider the mattress, and of course this is indeed a very important factor to consider, as comfort is key to a good night's sleep, but what about the bed frame itself? We had the pleasure of having this magnificent Original Winfield King Size Bed added to our website this week and so we decided to share it with you for our 'Item of The Week.'

Constructed from Brass and Iron and dating from 1870, this incredibly attractive and elaborately designed Victorian Antique Bed would make a wonderful addition to your boudoir. This most magnificent and totally original Winfield king size bed has taper tube bed posts and displays the most fabulous hand paintings and waterslide transfers. The dealer selling this item notes that the frame has 'naturally aged parcel gilt, highly decorative brass knees and plaques, and gallery' and comes with its original porcelain castors.

Looking at the overall appearence of the frame, there is so much to take in. At the headboard we are presented with a striking design of three golden sun-like circular motifs and just above those is an eye catching and highly decorative arched design in matching gilt (the exact same design is replicated at the foot of the bed). These contrast beautifully against the black frame and work sublimely against the subtly coloured flowers which have been hand painted on to the frame. One could say that it has a slightly oriental feel to it with the black, gold and red tones but whatever your decor, this king size bed could make a great focal point. 

It is of course in original condition, giving it a certain charm, but has been lightly cleaned and waxed with some small adaptations made to accommodate a modern king size mattress (not included).

This bed frame is for sale from Bedsteads and is priced at £6,500, so if it's a statement piece you're looking to purchase for your bedroom, look no further. 


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Posted January 24th, 2020 by LoveAntiques and filed under Item of the Week

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