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Fultograph - World's 1st Fax Machine c.1929 (1 of 12)
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Fultograph - World's 1st Fax Machine c.1929

REF: LA359191
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Certified DealerApproved listing
The Fultograph was invented by Otto Fuller in 1927 and went into production at the end of the 1920s selling for just a few short years. Although we would not recognise it today, the Fultograph was actually the world's 1st Fax machine as it was able to decode and print images from special signals transmitted over the regular radio. The device and process was trialled not just by the BBC for sending images to the public via its regular radio shows, but also by the emerging Aeronautical Industry, Military and weather services. The Fultograph emerged just before regular television transmissions were due to be trialled, and within a few short years the far more appealing medium of Television had made the Fultograph a forgotten relic. When it was released the Fultograph sold for £22 (a lot of money at the time), and since not very many were produced or sold are considered rare today. Please see images for condition but what makes this example more interesting that most is it is not only complete, but it was restored to working condition and actually tested and exhibited to the public back in the 1980s. When these Fultographs do turn up for sale they are usually missing their associated parts and the new owner has no way of actually trying to print anything from them. Again what makes this example so great is the prior owner managed to create their own radio signals (recorded onto the audio disc) and work out the correct way to reproduce the required chemical soaked paper. Therefore do check back as I will be liaising with a few friends as we try to see if we too can get this fascinating antique machine to create a half decent fax image once again! Dimensions of main machine with lid on: 36 cm wide x 20 cm deep x 24 cm high.
42 cm
36 cm
20 cm
Historic Tech has clarified that the Fultograph - World's 1st Fax Machine c.1929 (LA359191) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being c1929
This grouping consists of a Fultograph (currently untested), its rectifying box, 3 original mounted adverts, a large group of copied material related to the machine including schematics, and an audio cd. The machine itself has no underside base (don't know if that was how it came?) and is in fair condition with replaced wiring etc. There would have been a small metal cowl cover for the mechanism now missing. It retains its lid, but the lid carrying handle is missing.
This Fultograph - World's 1st Fax Machine c.1929 is located in United Kingdom
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