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Large William Comyns Silver Picture Frame - London 1910 (1 of 11)
Larkin & Gallow
Suffolk, UK

From 2013, Larkin & Gallow have been giving new life to elegant, beautiful and 'well loved' antiques, saving items of British hallmarked silver from being scrapped through sensitive restoration, renewal and regeneration.

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Large William Comyns Silver Picture Frame - London 1910

REF: P23 - 4 / LA437052
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This large William Comyns Silver Picture Frame was a very sad sight, languishing as little more than a blackened silver rectangle in a crumpled plastic bag at a provincial auction. Bereft of all but its glass (retained), this masterpiece of simplicity and clean lines hales from the workshop of none other than the inimitable William Comyns. Because of its minimalist design we have had to resort to installing a further reduced 3.6mm modern ply replacement backboard complete with a rescued and refinished oak easel stand and replacement modern hinge. To do anything else could have compromised the structural integrity of the original silver and glass structure. The back-plate is complete with a new silk facing to accommodate the photograph to a maximum of 138mm wide x 195mm tall


233 mm
175 mm
8 mm
460 mg


Larkin & Gallow has clarified that the Large William Comyns Silver Picture Frame - London 1910 (LA437052) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1910


This is a frame that was rescued from almost certain scrapping, consequently whilst it has its original glass and silver, everything else has been replaced of repurposed from other 'lost causes'. However, this is not a Frankenstein's monster and would not look out of place along with its contemporaries on a shelf in any home or office. Please do make time to review all the pictures to gain a full appreciation of the item and its condition. Should you have any other questions in respect of either the item or its condition, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist wherever possible.


This Large William Comyns Silver Picture Frame - London 1910 is located in United Kingdom