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Maximilienne Goepp Guyon Breton Fisherwoman Oil Painting (1 of 1)
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Maximilienne Goepp Guyon Breton Fisherwoman Oil Painting

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Maximilienne Guyon (1868-1903) Breton Fisherwoman An appealing portrait of a Breton fisherwoman by the sought after portrait artist Maximilienne Guyon. The work is signed bottom right and the stretcher bears the remains of a label for a dealer in Neuilly sur Seine. This is the area where Maximilienne is known to have lived and died. Guyon was born in Paris on May 24, 1868. Her parents were both artists. As a young woman, she attended the prestigious Academie Julien in Paris where she was taught by some of the pre-eminent artists of the time. In 1887, aged just twenty, she made her debut at the Paris Salon, receiving a third-class medal. She continued to exhibit regularly, particularly at the Salon des Artistes Francais. In 1893 she was selected to represent France at the Chicago World Fair. Alphonse de Rothschild donate a work by Maximilienne to the Museum of La Roche sur Yon in 1902.


Fox Fine Art has clarified that the Maximilienne Goepp Guyon Breton Fisherwoman Oil Painting (LA77815) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being c.1890


Generally in good order. The back of the canvas has been waxed. There is a small amount of craquelure where the paint is thickest. A small vertical scratch runs through the signature.

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