Original black chalk drawing 'Seated nude' by Terrance Howe (1 of 1)
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Original black chalk drawing 'Seated nude' by Terrance Howe

REF: 2460 / LA327527
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Terence Howe was born in 1945 and attended the Hornsey School of art in the early 1960’s. After graduating he worked first as a Psychiatric nurse, then as seller of other people’s art and finally as a picture restorer to make ends meet so that he could continue to paint. For the last 40 years he has exhibited in London and the provinces and has work in private collections both in Britain, Europe and the USA. Recently, he took part in an exhibition of old Hornsey Alumni under the title of “Old Contemporaries” This exhibition was a great success and re established Terence’s position as an abstract artist of great quality. For many years his work was ahead of current artistic trends and this resulted in his neglect in the post Hornsey years. How his talent lay undiscovered for so long is a mystery but the answer may lie in his approach to painting and his desire to retain artistic integrity. His work has a colour and presence that is exception for one so long in the ‘artistic tooth’.


56 cm
40 cm


21st Century Gallery has clarified that the Original black chalk drawing 'Seated nude' by Terrance Howe (LA327527) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being c.1985


The chalk drawing is in good condition

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