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Sony Cv-2000 Videocorder & Camera- World's 1st Vtr (1 of 7)
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Sony Cv-2000 Videocorder & Camera- World's 1st Vtr

REF: LA361942
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Certified DealerApproved listing
Sony's CV-2000 was the world's 1st analog home videotape recorder and was introduced in 1965. As a ground-breaking product, it ushered in the era of affordable home movies and was also the 1st fully transistorized VCR. It used a 13mm videotape which was recorded in black and white playing onto a 200 line screen. However, because of an oversight, it included no tracking, so recorded tapes could not be interchanged with later or other models. The recorder was available in several forms of which the CV2000B was the portable model and initially retailed for $730 in the US. This was never a cheap product and surviving examples remain rare and desirable today. The machine is dated 1965 and is serial number 2106. This listing also comes with the matching boxed video camera and stand (CVC-2000B) which is dated 1966 as well as cords, manual, mic, and two tapes. I purchased this machine a couple of years back with the intention of putting a full kit together for someone. The recorder was professionally serviced and overhauled for me at the time so is technically in fully working condition. However, because I didn't (and sadly still don't) have the matching unusual monitor the output of the video was unable to be tested properly. The matching CVC-2000B video camera was a slightly later find so has neither been tested nor restored and is sold as found only.  If you have the correct Sony monitor for this player to sell do let me know as it would be fun to test the whole outfit. This machine runs off 220v. These milestone CV2000 machines remain desirable among collectors and professionally serviced is naturally a real bonus. International shipping is not included in the price of the item, please ask for a quote.
Historic Tech has clarified that the Sony Cv-2000 Videocorder & Camera- World's 1st Vtr (LA361942) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being c1965
Cosmetically both parts of the setup are in good original condition with just some wear to be expected. There is a plastic floor buffer missing from the recorder and someone in the past replaced the lid clips at the back. It also has a tear in the vinyl. The video camera is missing the handle grip, one divide of the box is missing as is one rubber foot. It too has a few small tears to the vinyl only.
This Sony Cv-2000 Videocorder & Camera- World's 1st Vtr is located in United Kingdom
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