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Superb Hunting Set by Harrods (6 of 6)
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Superb Hunting Set by Harrods

REF: LA351165
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A superb quality and pristine condition hunting set by Harrods of London. The set contains a silver-plated sandwich box and flask within a leather case. The sandwich tin and flask are immaculate and were made by John Yates and Sons of Birmingham. The leather has a great colour and patina and retains all the buckles and straps. The whole is of the best quality and in virtually untouched condition, with no monograms. At Prometheus Antiques we want our customers to be completely happy with our items everything is sold with a guarantee and all items are fully and clearly described. We do try to make sure that what you see on the screen is as true a reflection of the actual item in reality as possible. Photos should be clear and without excessive extra light, however if you would like other photos of an item please do get in touch. We can also send video or video chat so that you can get as accurate an idea of the piece that interests you as possible. We do have a private showroom 15 mins drive from Newark where Items can also be viewed by prior appointment. If you are unable to visit us please purchase with the knowledge that we give a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, we only ask that you pay return transport costs. We are happy to organise deliveries to all destinations. Delivery of some items will be free depending on size, delivery method, and location. Where charges are made for delivery we try to be as cost effective as possible on your behalf. Deliveries can be organised all over the world so please do ask wherever you are. If an item interests you get in touch and we can always talk about various ways and costs that might be involved in getting it to you. Payment can be made by any of the following: Cheque, Bank Transfer, and all major Debit and Credit Cards over the telephone. We do also take Paypal payments. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or questions, by email or by phone.


130 mm
155 mm
45 mm


Prometheus Antiques has clarified that the Superb Hunting Set by Harrods (LA351165) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1920

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This Superb Hunting Set by Harrods is located in Nottingham, UK

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