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White & Black Martacon Lilies. Robinson. The Garden 1871-1881 (1 of 4)
White & Black Martacon Lilies. Robinson. The Garden 1871-1881 (2 of 4)
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White & Black Martacon Lilies. Robinson. The Garden 1871-1881 (4 of 4)
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White & Black Martacon Lilies. Robinson. The Garden 1871-1881

REF: LA335541
This a truly extraordinary plate, Lilium martagon is a striking fragrant lily, native to the mountain meadows of Switzerland. The specimens on the are purple (flowers and magnificent toning and texture of the stem and leaves) and white (with softer vibrant greens and almost airbrushed petals. Everywhere you look on this plate you observe exception use of colour, graduation, texture and tone - dozens of coloured inks are present. A masterpiece. This wonderful, nearly 150 years old, chromolithograph was commissioned in the Late 19th Century for William Robinson’s ‘The Garden’ magazine. The illustration approach taken for the periodical was far more ‘romantic’, ‘sensual’ and ‘artistic’ when compared to more scientific (whole plant observation) artwork approach seen in other Botanical volumes of the time. The plates have the most MAGNIFICENT depth of colour and texture, they are simply wonderful investment pieces. The plate offered here is an extremely rare one, 'The Garden' would have been an expensive periodical with each edition limited to 100 or so copies, the vast majority of which would have been lost and destroyed as time and wars have passed. This plate is almost certainly one of just a few still in existence. Chromolithograph Orientation: Portrait/Vertical. Chromolithographs Dimensions: 22cm wide by 29cm tall. Frame Dimensions: 40cm wide by 46cm tall, with 4cm depth. About William Robinson: He was born in Ireland in 1838 and studied horticulture at the National Botanic Gardens at Glasnevin near Dublin. He went on to become a most influential and respected gardener and horticultural writer. He was a formidable character, hot tempered and outspoken but also energetic and diligent with a classic Victorian zeal for reform. In 1861, he moved to London and spent some time working in Regent’s Park. Robinson had an aversion to strait-laced garden design lamenting that the age of the Industrial Revolution was putting nature at risk from contemporary taste. He was influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement, led by John Ruskin and William Morris who were against poor design and mass production a direct result of the Industrial Revolution, and who sought to encourage the revitalisation of traditional English handicrafts. In 1870 Robinson published two works, “Alpine Flowers for Gardens’ and ‘The Wild Garden’. In 1871 he launched a weekly journal ‘The Garden’ which enabled him to reach out to a wider audience with his naturalistic approach to gardening – the chromolithograph offered here was originally produced for the Garden Magazine. About Chromolithographs: Chromolithography is a unique method for making multi-colour prints which became the most successful method of colour printing developed by the 19th Century. The initial technique involved the use of multiple lithographic stones, one for each colour, and whilst extremely expensive was used for the best quality results. Depending on the number of colours present, a chromolithograph could take even very skilled workers months to produce. Framing: This beautiful chromolithograph has been professionally remounted in a bespoke handmade and hand-finished old gold frame (has simply wonderful oxidation and warm gold tones), the confidently proportioned off-white mount is decorated, and a fine and delicate gold beading has been used as a sophisticated contrast to the plate. All materials used are of archival quality and acid free. The glass is museum quality with low reflection, amazing colour transparency and high U.V. absorption to protect the works. The quality materials and expert techniques used will ensure your artwork is protected for many, many years to come.


46 cm
40 cm
4 cm


Greystones Fine Interiors has clarified that the White & Black Martacon Lilies. Robinson. The Garden 1871-1881 (LA335541) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1871-1881


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This White & Black Martacon Lilies. Robinson. The Garden 1871-1881 is located in Peterborough, United Kingdom

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