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Antique Cased Lacquered Brass Telescope by Aitchison c.1900 from Town House Traders Ltd

Offered for sale is this antique telescope Great display item Travelling telescope made by Aitchison of London for students Having its original lacquered finish The telescope comes in its original


$508 €447

Pair of Miniature Grandfather Clock and Barometer from Salisbury Antiques

An unusual pair of Victorian inlaid miniature Grandfather clock and barometer by Aitchinson amp Cobr br Circa 1900br 48cm 189in - Highbr 145cm 57in - Widebr 85cm 33in - Deep

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Brass Telescope c.1900 from Old Mill Antiques

Offered for sale is this four drawer brass telescope by Aitchison London the target 6048 with lens covers This extended fully is approximately 77cm long Delivery is available at

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