Imari Porcelain

Imari Porcelain Designs and Artists

Designs were inspired by Japanese textiles and often featured landscapes, long-winged birds, trees and kimonos. Imari was also associated with blue and white designs. Three colours that are very much associated with Imari ware are blue, rusty-reddish orange and gold. Imari pottery was replicated in the West, with many well-known potteries copying the attractive designs. Arita ware is generally associated with blue and white porcelain, often replicated later in Delftware, whereas the porcelain that is more colourful is considered to be influenced by Korea.

A rarer Imari ware item is one that is brown in colour. Imari porcelain that commemorated the Dutch traders and their boats are considered very valuable and are a long-term investment.  The designs of Imari porcelain changed subtly over the years and by the end of the 19th Century it was less detailed and the colours used in its production were darker, the use of gold in the design was used sparingly in comparison to its earlier manufacture. 


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