Moorcroft Pottery

History and Information

Moorcroft pottery is considered the best of British. William Moorcroft had an incredible natural ability, which ensured William’s business prospered, his skills and business accruement enabled Moorcroft’s success. 

Moorcroft pottery began in a studio in James Macintyre & Co ceramic company, its lineage began in 1897 with the designs created by 24-year-old William Moorcroft, his pottery was personalised with his initials and signature and they quickly were identified for their quality.

William Moorcroft was born in 1872 in Burslem, England. He studied crafts throughout his school life and gained his masters in Art in 1897 at the ‘National Art Training School’ later to be known as ‘The Royal College of Art’.  During this period he took a keen interest in the study of ancient and contemporary ceramics, prior to this he had studied at Longport Hall School, before he began his career at the Macintyre & Co factory. 

William Moorcroft was responsible for the production of Florian Ware, MacIntyre Ware and Lustre Ware, in the early days many of Moorcroft’s works were more functional than decorative, for which they later became known.
In 1913 William Moorcroft parted company with James Macintyre & Co and took his workforce to the nearby Cobridge Park, where he set up a factory in Sandbach Road. To this day Moorcroft pottery is still produced there. Moorcroft pottery was financed by the famed London store Liberty’, and controlled by Liberty until 1962 when the Moorcroft family bought them out.

Over the years Moorcroft won many awards including the prestigious gold medal at St Louis International Exhibition; as a result of these medals Moorcroft was appointed potter to the Queen in 1928 and received Royal Warrant. After the death of William in 1945 at the end of World War II, his son, Walter took control of the company, dealing with the design and management. In 1984 the Moorcroft family sold their shares on the open market and since 1993 the Edwards family have owed the company.






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Image to left: William Moorcroft
Image to right: Walter Moorcroft