Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton Designs and Artists

George Timworth, Harry Simeon, Peggy Davies, Florence Barrow and Hannah Barlow were Royal Doulton trained artists.  Charles Noke and Mark V Marshal came to work for Royal Doulton after previously working at other factories, whilst Joseph Hancock, Edward Birks, Percy Curnock and Harry Tittensor are also notable artists in the company’s history.

Hannah Barlow is incredibly sought after; her animal designs are renowned, as are her sisters Florence Barlow’s floral designs. The tyg below displays the typical style of a piece designed by Hannah Barlow (pictured on the left).


Charles John Noke was the innovator behind the Royal Doulton seriesware; items that were left bare and could be decorated with a theme consistent of pottery across the board.  He became one of the senior modellers and designers at Royal Doulton in 1889 after previously working as a designer for Royal Worcester. 

Peggy Davies produced many figure models for the Doulton HN series, as did Leslie Harradine, he also designed many of Royal Doulton’s character jugs, animals, vases and figurines. Mark Marshall’s work included grotesque figures depicted in a variety of scenes; some of these are extremely collectable and rare. Harry Simeon designed trays known as bibelots for Royal Doulton; these are very collectable as are his stoneware toby jugs. George Tinworth is thought to have been one of Royal Doulton’s most important designers of jugs, vases, figures and animals.














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