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Royal Worcester Designs and Artists

Royal Worcester is famed for some of the artists who worked at its factories including Thomas Baxter, William Billingsley, David Bates, John Stinton, Christopher Dresser, James Hadley and Charles Baldwin. 

Royal Worcester was revolutionary in many of its techniques, in 1756 Robert Hancock was the first to transfer prints to porcelain, its earliest type of porcelain had been blue under glaze, but alongside the factories modernisation in 1862 the appearance of its pieces changed. In the later part of the 1800’s a new material called ‘Parian’ was created, it was revolutionary in figure making and many fine figurines were made using this material.

Royal Worcester created many wonderful designs and it is the perfect place to start collecting antique ceramics, as there is such a range of choice, for instance between 1862 and 1900 Royal Worcester introduced 2,500 decorative pieces alone including a Royal dinner service, which was made for the Duke of Gloucester in 1770; it was one of the first. Other famed designs include a pair of vases in an Italian Renaissance style by the artist James Hadley, the vases were an illustration of the poem ‘Ikeranos’ and displayed at the Paris Exhibition in 1878. The Art Director Richard Binns favoured designs in many styles, which included Indian, Renaissance, Greek, French, Indian, Japanese and Persian, so there is a myriad of styles to include in your home.

Many Royal Worcester pieces made in the second part of the 19th C would be decorated with corporation badges or a family coat, it was during this period that hotels, clubs, companies and even individuals commissioned pieces by Royal Worcester.

Over the years Royal Worcester also produced many exhibition pieces, which included the Potters Vase, Norman Conquest Vases and Chicago vases, which are currently displayed in the Museum of Worcester Porcelain. Today one of Royal Worcester’s most popular designs is ‘Evesham gold’, although this was first produced in 1961 so is not considered antique.








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