Staffordshire Potteries

Staffordshire Potteries Designs and Artists

Throughout Staffordshire potteries history there were a great deal of designs associated with the area, porcelain such as Blue Ware was particularly well known, as was the process of Flow Blue Porcelain, which referred to the design transfer stage. Cobalt colouring worked well to hide imperfections, particularly cobalt blue, which flowed when transferred, cobalt blue seemed popular in America at this time, and hence why Blue Ware became well known.


Crown Staffordshire Porcelain, originally known as Thomas Greene China Co in 1833, retains the royal title of the area, however there were many notable Staffordshire Pottery companies including Spode, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Royal Worcester and Ridgway, Minton, Twyford and Aynsley. 















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