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2 Pairs of Pre 1920 Binoculars. Brass Finish. Great Optical Viewing from Binoculars and Collectibles

Two sets of binoculars restored to brass origins in optical great viewing condition and mechanically smooth operations Aitchison of London serial number 17497 dates C 1915-1920 Lumac model at strong

Binocular WW2 Military Khaki Webbing Case. M.E Co 1940. 6X30 Binocular from Binoculars and Collectibles

Usually seen with Kershaw Taylor Hobson Watson Baker 6x30 standard issue binocular Complete with associated shoulder strap All stitching tight and secure and front stud firmly closes C belt

Binocular Ww2 Military Leather Case. B.H & C Ltd 1944. No5  Mk1 from Binoculars and Collectibles

Lighter tan full leather binocular case normally seen with Ross 7x50 sets Interior showing signs of use but exterior in great condition with all stitching tight and secure front fastener

Binocular Ww2 Military Leather Case. A.G & C Ltd 1940. No 5 Mk1 from Binoculars and Collectibles

Primarily used with Ross 7 x 50 binocular In very good original condition with rear belt loop and carrying handle still firmly attached and with secure original strap Front fastener

Moller Wedel Tourox Folding Binocular. Drp Stamped. 8X Mag. Ser No 13940. Cased from Binoculars and Collectibles

There is a solid quality build feel about this folding binocular dating I am told the latter 1920s Individual eye focus is firm and image quality is good despite

Carl Zeiss Jena Turita Folding Binocular. Ser No 1506982. 1930 Original Leather Czj Complete Case from Binoculars and Collectibles

Central Focus folding Carl Zeiss binocular with original CZ fold over leather case with working fastener Optics are superb clean and clear with centre focus wheel smooth to turn with

Carl Zeiss Telex 6 X 24 Binocular. Ser.No 1134808. 1927 Cased from Binoculars and Collectibles

Nice lightweight Jena binocular in good cosmetic condition with leather case both with carrying straps Viewing acceptable would benefit from internal clean of light internal fungus Focus and collimation good

Universal US Navy Mark 33 Mod1 WW2 Binocular. 6X30 Mag. Ser No 91573.1943 Original Case from Binoculars and Collectibles

The MK 33 No 1 model is the much improved moisture resistant version of its earlier model 0 It certainly has proven to be the case here since no internal

Ross Military 7 X 50 Ww2 Binocular. No5 Mk4 Model. Ser No 48043. Cased from Binoculars and Collectibles

Made between 1941-1943 for aircraft spotters and coast guard duties Previously serviced and re-sealed with all movement parts and tight and secure with excellent clean viewing and focusing Graticules

R.E.L Canadian WW2 Military Binocular. 7X50 Mag Broad Arrow. 1944. Original Case from Binoculars and Collectibles

Canadian manufactured the REL Research Enterprises Ltd was a Government Crown company established to supply various optical instruments both to Canada and British forces during WW2 This

Kershaw Ww2 Binocular. No Mk111.Ser No 317768 1945. Captain Bayliss Khaki Case. Stunning Condition! from Binoculars and Collectibles

Rare to find in such stunning condition and complete with its MEC Co khaki case Binocular is fully and clearly stamped with a plethora of military references and monograms with

Ross 6 X 30 Military Broad Arrow Ww1 Binocular. Ser No 62689. Inscribed Npl17. Heavily Inscribed Case from Binoculars and Collectibles

Perhaps not surprisingly for a 102 year old optic instrument the inscriptions have suffered wear but are good to show serial number 62689 6x magnification and its NPL17 stamp

Bausch & Lomb USA Army Military Issue 7 x 50 Binocular. M16 Model. S/N No 5823 from Binoculars and Collectibles

Used by the US Army during WW2 this set retains good prism alignment and a full optic view through its unscratched undamaged lenses Mechanically in fine condition with smooth and

Anchor USA Military 1944 Binocular. WW2 British Forces Use. Inscribed Broad Arrows from Binoculars and Collectibles

This Anchor set of 7x50 magnification Serial No 44288 and dated 1944 would have been dispatched for WW2 use by the British Forces evidenced by its clearly inscribed Broad Arrows

Quality 19th Century Opera Glasses from GD Ginger Antiques

In their original leather case a quality pair of unusual cut mother of pearl In good original condition


$206 €185

Russian Binocular. Excellent Coated Lenses 6X24.Cased. S/N 7607071 from Binoculars and Collectibles

Both increasingly collectible and sought after as one of the best binocular to enter the market during the 1960 1970 era These are up there with the best of Carl

C.P Goerz Trieder Binocular. 1905. Serial No 89592, 9x20. Rare with Original Case from Binoculars and Collectibles

Fully working and mechanically excellent giving collimated and well-focused viewing following 113 years Rack and pinion adjustment still smooth and precise no chips or damage to internal prisms with a

Carl Zeiss 15X60 Binoculars in Case, Serial Number 809179 from Dart Silver Ltd

A pair of super quality Carl Zeiss binoculars 15x60 complete with case serial number 809179Exact age we are unsure ofIn very good order optics are in excellent shape with no


$1,549 €1,390

Kershaw Vanguard Binocular. 7X50 Mag. Serial No. 70077 C.1950 from Binoculars and Collectibles

Kershaw vanguard binocular7x50 mag Serial No 70077 1950sRef 1750The Vanguard model from Kershaw was manufactured between 1947-1958 the year that Kershaw ceased binocular sales Solidly built to military standards its

English Ross Binocular in Original Tanned Case. Serial No. 46484. RAre Preserved Condition from Binoculars and Collectibles

The Stepruva 9x35 model was first introduced by the English Ross company in 1932 and was continuously manufactured until the Companys unfavourable closure in 1971 Increasingly popular particularly in the

Antique Set of Mother of Pearl Opera Glasses c.1900 from The Antique Seller

This is a set of antique mother of pearl opera glasses complete with original leather carrying case It is French in origin and is presented in nice condition mentioned for


$62 €56