Antique Arts & Crafts Hand Crafted Copper Tray c.1910 (1 of 4)
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This dealer is located in United Kingdom
This dealer is located in Leicestershire, United Kingdom

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Antique Arts & Crafts Hand Crafted Copper Tray c.1910

Ref: CA2006 / LA89369

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This is a lovely item for a collector to display or it could used for displaying other small items on.

The item has been completely handmade from a single piece of heavy gauge copper - as is typical with arts & crafts pieces there many visible hammer or 'planishing' marks to the surface where the metal worker has shaped and manipulated the copper.

The edge of the tray has a wavy or scalloped edge finish where there are also visible left over tool marks (as intended by the maker) - the central part of the tray is deeply recessed with an almost clam shell look to the design.

The front side of the tray has been cleaned in the past which has given the copper a pleasing soft glow and a nice softening of the sharper edges - the underside has patinated to an almost black colour on 90% of the surface and this has almost certainly not been polished since the day it was made.

There are no makers marks to the piece and the style is slightly unusual compared to most I've seen so it's difficult to make an attribution towards a particular manufacturer - during the late 19th century and early years of the 20th century the arts & crafts style was a popular movement which influenced the top designers of the day but also encouraged a flourishing night-school and home crafting market.
The piece is very competently made so it's entirely possible the item was made as part of a commercial venture rather than being the work of a hobbyist or gifted amateur.

The total unpacked weight is 448g.


Height : 25 mm - 0.98 in

Width : 360 mm - 14.17 in

Depth : 220 mm - 8.66 in


Century Antiques has clarified that the Arts & Crafts hand crafted copper tray (CA2006 / LA89369) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1910.


The condition all round is excellent with no damage to the piece whatsoever - naturally as the item is well over 100 years old the are some very light marks commensurate with its age and use but these are all perfectly normal and don't detract whatsoever.

Date of Manufacture :


Delivery to U.K. addresses is £4.00 (signed for mail). Delivery to Europe is £12.00 (tracked / signed for mail). Delivery to USA / Australia is £15.00 (tracked / signed for mail)


This item is located in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. This dealer is located in United Kingdom

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