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Early 20th Century Decorative Dowry Chest (1 of 29)
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Early 20th Century Decorative Dowry Chest

REF: 1001702 / LA447236
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Certified DealerApproved listing548 sales by dealerAvailable for local pick-up
Preserving heritage in every detail, these decorative dowry chests captivate with their timeless elegance. The charming design is highlighted with four finials rising from the body of the chest creating a certain grandeur and making a nice statement. The lid hinges from the middle and reveals the holes the finials project through. While four of the leading edges have unornate carvings and the front finishes in the centre with a clasp and latch. Beneath the lid edge is a carved plate adding another detail. Stands clear of the ground on four square legs, the interior has an internal hinged storage box. The chest is jointed with hand forged iron pins, iron latch handles to the two sides. Iron clasp and latch plus a figure of eight handmade hinge to the top is charming. An early 20th century decorative dowry chest, also known as a bridal chest or hope chest, was a significant piece of furniture that held great cultural and historical importance. Dowry chests were traditionally given to brides in many cultures, including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They were often filled with valuable items, linens, and clothing, which the bride would bring to her new home as part of her dowry. Wonderful decorative addition to your home.
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Campbell Vintage has clarified that the Early 20th Century Decorative Dowry Chest (LA447236) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being Early 20th Century
As you can imagine, our products have had a life before we got them, been used and cherished by many others before we received them. Therefore, you will see signs of ageing, natural wear, fading & marks which create their unique look. Overall the condition is good and the condition is commensurate with its age.
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This Early 20th Century Decorative Dowry Chest is located in Hampshire, United Kingdom
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