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Please see below for a series of frequently asked questions by LoveAntiques' customers:

Q: What is LoveAntiques.com?

LoveAntiques.com is an online antique marketplace which lists thousands of antiques on behalf of hundreds of trusted genuine antique dealers. Simply browse through the LoveAntiques web pages and categories to find the antiques that you want to buy.

Antiques are listed by certified dealers, the items are then approved by the LoveAntiques.com team. Only antique dealers who can prove a honest history of dealing are able to upload, meaning you can shop with confidence on LoveAntiques.

Q: I Have A Question About An Item On The Website

If you have a question or require further information about one of the items listed on the website please either telephone the dealer directly or press the Ask A Question button on the items page. (The telephone number and ask a question button are located on the right hand side of the items page).

Q: How do I buy items on LoveAntiques.com?

To buy an item on LoveAntiques.com simply click on to the page of the item you wish to purchase and click on Buy This Item you will then be taken to one of two pages depending on whether the antique dealer has PayPal (online payment capability): Online Payments (PayPal)

Many dealers accept online payments. Click Buy This Item on the item page, if the dealer accepts online payments you will be taken to a payment page where you can purchase the item instantly via PayPal with the necessary delivery costs (if applicable). If however the dealer does not accept online payment the Buy This Item button will take you to a contact form, here you can email the dealer and arrange payment by other means and ask any questions you might have about the item.

An Ask Dealer a Question button is provided on all item pages, and as it suggests is your way of contacting the dealer with any questions you may have about the item. You can also contact the dealer by the telephone number listed on the page. You are welcome to arrange payment by cash or cheque with the dealer directly.

Q: What does LoveAntiques sell?

LoveAntiques is a marketplace which displays antiques on behalf of antique dealers. When a customer buys an antique through LoveAntiques.com, the transaction takes place between the customer and the dealer. All dealers are verified before they can upload their stock to LoveAntiques.com, making our marketplace one of the most secure places to buy antiques online.

Q: Can I pay for items on LoveAntiques.com with PayPal?

Antiques can be bought on LoveAntiques with PayPal provided the antique dealer has a registered PayPal account. When clicking Buy This Item you will be taken to a PayPal screen provided the dealer does use PayPal.