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Press Information

LoveAntiques.com is always happy to help or work alongside journalists, producers and any other media related personnel whatever the brief may be.

If you're a journalist looking for images, information about the antiques industry, advice on the industry or anything at all, please do get in touch via email or by calling 01792 365902, we'll always do our best to help.

If you're a film or TV producer looking to source antiques for a show or a film you're working on, LoveAntiques can put you in touch with the right people for the stock that you require, so please do let us know.

For press enquiries or to contact LoveAntiques click here.

Love Antiques Press Office

LoveAntiques.com has a very active press office department which regularly send out press releases, information and selections of antiques to key publications, such as Trade and National media.

LoveAntiques.com understands the importance of trade publications in the antiques industry to attract regular antique fans and collectors to the LoveAntiques site. In order to make the most of all trade publications within the industry we advertise or feature in most key trade titles, such as CINOA, Homes & Antiques and The World Of Interiors. We also regularly advertise in the most popular antiques trade publication, the Antiques Trade Gazette (ATG). We're on the front page atleast twice a month and regularly provide information for other slots within the publication.

LoveAntiques has been working regularly with local and consumer media to encourage the growth of the antiques industry online. Our aim is to bring the world of antiques online for the good of the industry, and we've working with numerous publications to encourage new audiences to shop for antiques.

The International press is a big target for LoveAntiques.com, from our experience of working and encouraging international buyers to our IACF fairs, we've managed to build up our brand in 2 of the USA's biggest publications, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. The end result was an increased level of traffic on the site from across the Atlantic, which benefited dealers on our site. We continue to maintain a relationship with all relevant international publications across the globe.

Please see below for a selection of titles we've featured in since our launch:


LoveAntiques.com's Animation Video

For anyone interested in seeing our animation video about how LoveAntiques works and can help dealers on the site.