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Selling Antiques Online

Website options are available - if you're looking for a new template website or to change your current website, then please contact us on 020 8045 3745 or via email: info@loveantiques.com.
Personalised Websites start from £24.99 + vat per month, include easy upload to LoveAntiques.com and are fully customisable by you, the Antiques Dealer Antique dealers websites
Dealer Upload Application
If you are an Antiques Dealer and would like to apply to upload your antique items to LoveAntiques, then please complete the form to the right.
You will be sent an email to the address entered to confirm your account. One of the LoveAntiques team will then contact you in receipt of your application.
We will need to know how many items you would like to upload so please see our monthly price plans below:
  • Up to 150 item listings: £39.99 (+ vat)
  • Up to 300 item listings: £44.99 (+ vat)
  • Up to 400 item listings: £49.99 (+ vat)​​​​
  • Up to 500 item listings: £54.99 (+ vat)
  • Up to 600 item listings: £59.99 (+ vat)
(For the ability to upload more than 600 items, please contact us to discuss)
Once you have been approved, you can enter further details and begin selling antiques on LoveAntiques.com.
If you have any questions about registering as a dealers or need to discuss the upload process in more detail than please email info@loveantiques.com or call us on 020 8045 3745
What we offer our New Dealers
When you join LoveAntiques.com, you can look forward to the following:
  • A Simple & user friendly site with your own profile page/login zone – giving easy access & management of your products.
  • The ability to upload up to 600 items of stock (more if you are a warehouse but the aforementioned monthly fees will increase).
  • Assistance can be given to help upload items initially.​​​​
  • Item approval - all items manually checked before going live on the system to ensure that they are displayed effectively thus driving traffic to your pages.
1. Name & Contact Details
Please enter your phone number removing the first ‘0’.
UK international phone number pattern: +44 xxxx xxx xxx
Please enter your phone number removing the first ‘0’.
UK international phone number pattern: +44 xxxx xxx xxx
2. Your Address
*For UK addresses select county below.
3. Business Details
4. Login Details
  • Passwords need to be at least 8 characters long.
  • Please ensure your password includes at least one symbol and 1 number.