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Antique Beds from LoveAntiques

Antique Beds

Love Antiques carries a wide range of antique beds for sale, made from antique pine to cast iron and brass with intricately designed vintage bed frames UK artisans would be proud of. 

Are you looking for a simple style bed, or a more regal style? Take a look at the gallery of photos and find a bed which suites your bedrooms style and size. Use the filter to sort vintage beds for sale according to price (high to low, vice versa), recently added, and sold items for a quicker and more convenient shopping experience. Or, take advantage of the sidebar menu where antique beds for sale are arranged according to popular searches by material, by type, by period, and by origin. Whether you're looking for a day bed, pine beds, or Art Deco beds, Love Antiques has a huge selection of vintage beds to chose from. 

Buy an Antique Vintage Bed from Love Antiques Today!  

Love Antiques provide clients with vintage beds that are beautiful to look at and functional to use. All our vintage beds for sale are well-preserved in their original condition, which guarantees a great investment on your part. 


When you buy antique beds from Love Antiques, there are several things to remember:  

  • Limited number means higher value 
  • Age can influence value and price 
  • Verified original pieces will always cost more 
  • Original condition and good quality make the perfect combination  

Scarcity is what drives the cost of antique beds for sale. If there are only a few original antique iron beds on the market, expect to pay a higher price. Buy it from Love Antiques and you’ll get the best value for your money. And if you’re going down the investment route, this means increasing your potential profit margins for any future resale.

Antique Beds Shopping Guide 

Some of our vintage beds date as far back as the 14th century, with the four-poster bed or tester bed as the main attraction. Often made from solid oak, some beds feature fluted balusters and carved figures. If an antique bed or day bed bears such decorative touches, it will fetch a handsome price, even if it's from the 16th or early 17th centuries. 


Age or period is just one of the factors to consider when you shop for an antique bed, however. You also need to think about the price, material, type, and which features suit your preferences.  

Different Vintage Bed Frames with Many Different Styles and Features  

Love Antiques make it easier for you to buy good quality vintage beds by categorising them based on type. Below is a brief overview of the more popular pieces. 


Antique brass beds debuted in the 1820's in Britain and are characterised by scrolls, curves, and florals on the headboards and footboards. A brass bed can be a Victorian bed or an Edwardian bed, with the latter featuring designs that are softer and more elegant with fluid lines and headboards that are more feminine. Vintage bed frames from the UK gained popularity over the years and are now highly-priced. 


French beds are some of the rarest in the bunch because only a few types are for sale, although there are beds that are more attainable. If you buy antique beds as an investment, you should buy a French bed with a lit-en-bateau (boat bed) style. 


Louis XV and XVI style French beds are much easier to acquire and are not as expensive. 

Antique beds made of cast iron used to be easier to collect and are inexpensive. Price has increased, however, what with the scarcity of original antiques. Love Antiques sell antique brass and iron beds at competitive prices. Simply browse through the iron beds for sale for the best selection.

Our Unique Vintage Beds for Sale Come in Many Different Shapes and Sizes  

It’s important to understand that a majority of vintage beds for sale are not built to modern standards. In the early to late 1800's, the largest bed being made is a double or full bed. There's also the twin size and 3/4-size bed, which is between a double and a Twin. 


King and Queen sizes did not appear until the early 1900's. So expect a few vintage pieces to measure differently than what you’re accustomed to today. 


There’s a perfectly good explanation for why some antique beds for sale have smaller dimensions. Back in the 1800's, people were much shorter. The issue of warmth is also one reason that iron beds are smaller. This encourages two people to sleep on a single bed and four people on a double bed to stay warm. 


Love Antiques, however, carries vintage beds in King and Super King sizes, so unique dimensions should not be a problem. Just make sure the bed you buy fits your bedroom with enough room to move around.  

High Off the Ground Vintage Beds  

Cold drafts are closer to the ground, while warm air circulates closer to the ceiling. This is why an iron bed when fully dressed could be 36 inches or higher to the top of the mattress. Iron beds and a majority of vintage beds may not be as high but there's a connection between the two. It goes back to warmth.  

Ready to Buy Antique Beds?  

Now that you know what to look for in antique beds for sale, buying one should be quick and easy. Love Antiques takes the hassle out of the process with our online store that is easy to use and navigate. Look for vintage pieces in good quality. Whether featuring a simple or Art Deco style and a retro bed frame UK buyers love, you’re sure to find the antique bed that you’re looking for. Not sure what you’re looking for? Give Love Antiques a call at 020 8045 3745 and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with information about cast iron and brass beds, those made of antique pine, and other products on sale. 


Get alerts of the antiques that interest you as soon as they are uploaded