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Antique Boxes

Ornate and unique, our range of vintage boxes at LoveAntiques are ideal to give as special gifts or as a one-of-a-kind item that you can keep and treasure. A vintage box has lots of uses, whether you use it as a memory box or just have it on display as a conversation peace, and on our website you’ll find dozens of antique boxes in different styles, spanning the past few centuries, with many rare and interesting pieces to choose from.  

Late 1920's Silver Cigar Case

£ 480

Georgian Copper Oval Snuff  Box

£ 68

Edwardian Servants Bell Box

DS Decorative Periods

Edwardian Servants Bell Box

£ 120

Pair of George III Period Mahogany Knife Boxes

£ 2800

Late 19th Century Small Satinwood Box on a Stand

£ 1700

Rare Italian Footstool / Sewing Companion

£ 125

Wooden table snuff box with painted decoration

£ 130

Dutch Silver Table Snuff Box

Digby Antiques (Wiltshire)

Dutch Silver Table Snuff Box

£ 295

Delightful and Decorative Dutch Silver Oval Box

£ 220

Victorian Ebony Writing Slope

Mostly Boxes Antiques ltd

Victorian Ebony Writing Slope

£ 335

Victorian Walnut Jewellery Box

Mostly Boxes Antiques ltd

Victorian Walnut Jewellery Box

£ 239

Regency Coromandel Box

Hingstons Antiques

Regency Coromandel Box

£ 485

Quality Victorian Stationery Box

£ 345

17th Century Oak Leaf Carved Box

£ 400

Antique Silver Trinket Pot

£ 125


Antique Wooden Boxes to Store your Memories 

If you have some special items such as photos or memories that you want to keep close at hand, antique wooden boxes are ideal to use as memory boxes. Smaller than usual storage boxes and with beautiful designs and an elegant feel, they are great for holding memories of a loved one or a special occasion, or anything you want to keep safe. Choose an antique wooden box in a beautiful natural wood, perhaps one that is inlaid with velvet or pewter, and it’ll be the perfect place to store special things.  

Antique Boxes that were used in Everyday Life 

When you browse the range of vintage boxes on LoveAntiques, you’ll notice that our dealers often provide information about the different functions for each vintage box, as well as a little of its history. This allows you to learn more about the antique box that you are buying and really appreciate the item.  

Some of the boxes you might find in this category include: 

  • Trinket boxes – these ornate boxes used to adorn the dressers of upper-class women and are beautifully crafted items 
  • Snuff boxes – made in materials such as silver, if you are looking for a small antique box, these items are often highly decorative and sought after 
  • Jewellery boxes – many vintage wooden boxes are ideal for storing jewellery, and we often see jewellery boxes from the Georgian or Victorian eras that would make beautiful gifts 
  • Tea caddies – while they might have been utilitarian objects in their era, an antique wooden box such as a tea caddy is a sought-after item now 
  • Writing boxes – Another type of antique wooden boxes that have stood the test of time are writing boxes, where people would store their pens and stationery  

If you are looking for antique boxes for sale, UK sourced and based, then you have a great chance of finding what you want at LoveAntiques. 

Vintage Boxes from Across the Eras 

Many of the vintage boxes listed on LoveAntiques are hundreds of years old, and we also have more contemporary items from the 20th century, so you’ll notice many different eras and fashions in our range. 

Our 19th century boxes are mainly from Victorian Britain and France, with the beautiful craftsmanship and ornate designs you’d expect from this era. Our George V boxes are interesting too, with lots of silver and enamel, making them great conversation pieces. Any vintage box from these eras will have an interesting backstory. 

Art Deco boxes are popular among those who like this distinctive 1920's style, while our European antique boxes span many decades, with lots of unique pieces to discover.  

Find a One of a Kind Antique Box at LoveAntiques 

When you are shopping for antique boxes, LoveAntiques makes it easy, with lots of categories you can click on to narrow things down. From the era to the style of vintage box, if you’re looking for something in particular, you are likely to find it in seconds.  

You also get the feel of browsing an antiques shop, without leaving your home, when you visit our site. If you are searching for antique boxes for sale, UK sites are a lot more trustworthy, and LoveAntiques ensures you buy from a reputable dealer. Therefore, you can buy one of our antique boxes with confidence. 

When you are looking for a special antique box, you can browse the range using our options on the left and contact individual dealers via their listings. 



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