Antique Stoneware

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Decorative China Ironstone Antique Soap Dish c.1900 from Decorative-Eclectic

A beautifully decorated ornate soap or tooth brush dish and cover c1900Ironstone chinaWould make a lovely Christmas presentUndamaged condition


$96 €84

Antique Salt Glaze Baluster Snuff Jar c.1820 from The Antique Seller

Antique Salt Glaze Baluster Snuff Jar Rare item beautifully glazed and charmingly modelled in high relief with Female partaking in Snuff under a swept cartouche and flanked by borders of


$353 €310

Antique Staffordshire Pottery Pint Jug C.1830 from The Antique Seller

This is a 19th Century antique Staffordshire pottery pint jug which was modelled in relief with country pursuits and with slab label in relief Pint the baluster body


$109 €96

Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Motto Jug from Haywain Antiques

Offered for sale is this 19th Century antique Dolton Lambeth stoneware motto jug featuring four applied relief portraits with a green glazeThe Mottos read-He that buys land buys stonesHe that


$173 €152

Terracotta Bowl from 3mviews

Offered for sale is this lovely 19th Century antique terracotta bowl


$449 €394

19th Century Terracotta Olive Oil Jug from Portugal from Elmgarden

This is a wonderful 19th Century antique terracotta olive oil jug from Portugal This piece has a beautiful shape handle to one side and a very attractive pattern under the


$257 €225

Six Jelly Moulds from Fontaine Decorative

Six Victorian Ironstone Jelly Moulds Largest mould measurement shown


$186 €163

Royal Doulton Brown Stoneware Puzzle Jug c.1900 from KindaoldByJim

This is a Royal Doulton antique brown stoneware puzzle jug with multiple spouts pierced neck and tube lined motto height 7 1 spout repaired


$122 €107

Doulton Lambeth Commemorative Mug with Silver Rim from Alan Grynich Antiques

This is a very nice piece of commemorative ware by Doulton Lambeth with silver rim hallmarked for London 1902 This very tactile piece of doulton commemorates Edward VII with a


$186 €163

Irene Bowl from Fontaine Decorative

Offered for sale is this 18th Century antique stoneware glazed bowl with name of Irene


$173 €152

Stoneware Jug from Fontaine Decorative

Offered for sale is this large Staffordshire handmade treacle glazed stoneware jug which was made by Moira


$96 €84

Two Stoneware Pancheons from Fontaine Decorative

Two Salt Glazed Stoneware Pancheons Base tapers to 20cm on the smaller bowl The larger bowl is slightly wider 46cm with the base tapering to 23cm Price Given for


$141 €124

Stoneware Pancheon from Fontaine Decorative

Offered for sale is this 19th Century antique salt glazed stoneware pancheon Base tapers to 235cm


$173 €152

Stoneware Tankard from Courtyard Antiques

Stoneware ale tankard Very good condition Mid 19th century Can be posted


$21 €18

Salt Glazed Pitcher C.1850 from Decorative-Eclectic

This is a large 19th Century antique attractive highly salt glazed pitcher Decorative pattern around the pitcher The glazing has an efflorescent appearance Small chip to underside edge see photo


$122 €107

Stoneware Salt Glazed Pitcher C.1850 from Decorative-Eclectic

This is a 19th Century antique HIGHLY SALT GLAZED STONEWARE PITCHER Decorative detailing A lovely large original pitcher Small nibbles to the base see photo Another also available similar size


$122 €107

Collection of Four Stoneware Flagons from KindaoldByJim

Offered for sale is this collection of four stoneware flagons to include examples from Exeter and Holbeck condition in keeping of age


$31 €27

Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Iris Pattern Vase by Rosina Brown c.1895 from Antique Ethos

A particularly lovely and beautifully executed Doulton Lambeth stoneware vase by Rosina Brown Art Nouveau tubelined design of irises encircling the body of the vase on a deep blue ground


$526 €461

Large 19th Century Bottle / Jar / Whiskey Jug from Chrisantique

Offered for sale is this large 19th Century antique bottle jar whiskey jug It holds a volume of about 5 liters


$385 €338

19th Century French Salt-Glazed Stoneware Ewer c.1850 from Antique Ethos

Unusual French salt-glazed stoneware ewer with incised decoration c1850 Of ovoid form with cylindrical neck Decorated with a stylised acanthus motifand geometricbands The ewer is on a silver plated base


$115 €101

Pair of Huge Doulton Slaters Patent Stoneware Vases from KindaoldByJim

These are a pair of huge Doulton Slaters Patent stoneware vases Each with trumpet necks decorated with stylised floral sprays between a brown glazed ground impressed factory marks and numbered


$308 €270