Antique Bellows

Bellows' is only used in plural. A bellows or pair of bellows is a device constructed to furnish a strong blast of air. The simplest type consists essentially of a flexible bag comprising a pair of rigid boards with handles joined by flexible leather sides enclosing an approximately airtight cavity which can be expanded and contracted by operating the handles, and fitted with a valve allowing air to fill the cavity when expanded, and with a tube through which the air is forced out in a stream when the cavity is compressed. It has many applications, in particular blowing on a fire to supply it with air

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Arts & Crafts Bellows from artsncraftsfurniture

Offered for sale is this Arts Crafts bellow which is in the elongated Liberty style It is working Better photos to addfollow


$132 €117

Harold Smith Arts & Crafts Bellows from artsncraftsfurniture

Please see a fireplace in beaten copper with an oak mantelpiece designed by Harold Smith and executed by The Teale Fireplace CompanyCourtesy of The Studio Yearbook 1907 page 110

Arts & Crafts Bellows Possibly Liberty & Co from artsncraftsfurniture

This is a solid oak set of bellows Please note as yet I havent found these in any Libertys book however they are similar to a pair for the Yuletides


$165 €146

Arthur Simpson of Kendal Oak Bellows from artsncraftsfurniture

Beautifully crisp carving An attractive set of bellows Please not these bellows are carved very much in the style of an oak fireplace surround by CR Ashbee There are


$918 €812

Long Handled Hand Bellows c.1900 from Deviantik

This is a profusely carved hardwood pair of long handled fireside bellows Probably of Kashmiri origin Cleaned waxed and polished Leather in good condition and they work well


$218 €193

Carved Bellows c.1900 from Deviantik

This is a nice pair of carved hardwood bellows with an unusual design to the handles Asian Cleaned and polished Leather in good condition Working well


$118 €104

L & N E R Railway Bellows from Deviantik

A set of early 20th Century foot operated floor bellows with a stamped brass plaque L N E R so presumably used by the railway company for a


$390 €345

Blacksmiths Foot Bellows from Victoria Antiques

These are a good set of foot operated blacksmiths elm bellows on Good working order and the leather is good


$198 €175