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Pair of French Bronzed Metal Figures c.1870 from Graham Smith Antiques Ltd

These are a pair of late 19th Century French antique bronzed metal male and female figuresThe male figure is dressed in game shoot attire with a pair of gun dogs


$941 €832

Chinese Hardwood Carved Immortal c.1900 from Salisbury Antiques

Offered for sale is this Chinese antique hardwood carved immortal


$876 €775

Pair of Grand Tour Bronzes of Mercury & Flora from IM Chaney Antique Furniture

Offered for sale are these pair of 19th Century antique bronzes on slate bases of mercury and flora


$513 €453

Belgian Bronze Figure of a Grenadier c.1870 from Georgian Antiques

This is a 19th Century Belgian antique bronze figure of a grenadier with light brown patination and inscribed CIEDE bronzes Brussels and makers stamp on a later addition of an


$3,441 €3,042

18th Century French Carved Statue of Madonna & Child from Elmgarden

This charming piece has been rescued from a ecclesiastic clear out in the southern part of France The statue is carved from one piece of hard wood it shows the


$2,142 €1,894

Exhibition Quality Pair of Antique Life Size Blackamoor Figures from Graver Antiques and Interiors

Exhibition quality pair of antique life size Blackamoor figures holding large carved shells These are unbelievable well carved Blackamoor figures standing on a pair of well carved pedestals bases with


$123,351 €109,041

Art Deco Style Spelter, Marble & Onyx Figure Group from KindaoldByJim

This is an Art Deco style spelter marble and onyx figure group of a female and two birds 57cm wide and the matching bookends The spelter is in keeping of


$388 €343

Pair of Antique Italian Walnut Carved Figures Stands 1890 from Canonbury Antiques

- Gorgeous pair of Italian antique hand carved figures- Great look to this pair which have been hewn from walnut- Perfect male female left and right- Each figure holds up


$2,532 €2,238

Bronze Harlequin by Paul Dubois France C.1880 from The Furniture Rooms

This is a large bronze sculpture of a Harlequin by French sculptor Paul Dubois b1829 -1905 with good patina and in good condition signature to baseAge C1880Style bronze sculptureMaterial Bronze


$3,441 €3,042

Pair of Bronze Grecian Statues from Bridport Antiques

A highly ornamental pair of brightly painted bronze figures Both figures although playing different instruments are reclining against their respective stylised columns which are brightly decorated with foliage Both columns


$5,518 €4,878

Bronze Salt Holder Cherub from LT Antiques

Italian A delightful little bronze figure decorated with gold and silver plating Holding a shell used to contain saltStood on a round marble base


$708 €626

Plaster Sculpture of a Samurai Warrior from Elmgarden

Plaster Sculpture of a Samurai Warrior The Samurai were a caste of warrior in Japan for over 7 Centuries this plaster figure celebrates the Samurai in all his elegant finery


$1,623 €1,435

Pair of 18th Century Cherubs from Carpe Articulum Interior and Decorative Antiques

Offered for sale is this 18th Century antique carved wood sculptures of cherubs


Large Bronze Cherub on Marble & Wooden Base from IM Chaney Antique Furniture

This is a large good quality 19th Century Continental bronze cherub groupthe reclining figure gently inspects a butterfly which has landed on a bloom on the flower-littered ground on a


$1,558 €1,377

Modernist Style Bronze Nude Female on Marble Base - Indistinctly Signed from Heritage Fine Antiques

We are delighted to offer this stunning Modernist bronze female nude stands elegantly on a square black marble base The base of the figure contains an inscription which is thought


$454 €402

Bronze Sculpture of Sioux Warrior on Horseback After Remington 2ft High from Mansion House Antiques & Fine Art

This is a quality Bronze Sculpture depicting a native american sioux warrior on horseback negotiating down a steep rocky slope This large and heavy sculpture has been hand crafted around


$2,532 €2,238

Pair of Antique Victorian Spelter Figurines from Marylebone Antiques

Pair of large antique Victorian Spelter figures of two women with musical instruments that look to me like lutes They are in excellent condition have a nice patina with


$513 €453

Composite Discobulos from Fontaine Decorative

Offered for sale is this early 20th Century Composite Discobulos


$902 €798

Fisher Boy from Fontaine Decorative

Offered for sale is this early 20th Century large glazed ceramic figure of a fisher boy


$422 €373

Bronze Figure c.1930 from Fontaine Decorative

Offered for sale is this bronze Olympic figure


$454 €402

Composite Brutus from Fontaine Decorative

Offered for sale is this Composite Recast Figure of Brutus After Rogers 1876


$643 €568