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Antique Sideboards

A vintage sideboard could be the ideal piece to add a stylish touch to your dining room. Sideboards first appeared in households back in the 17th century, and have traditionally been used to store crockery, cutlery, candles and table linens, meaning they’re a practical addition to the room. 

At LoveAntiques, you can find an antique sideboard that suits your home and has the kind of period style you love. Whether it’s 17th century or something from the past 100 years, you can browse our range of unique and incredible antique sideboards that will take pride of place in your home.  

Mahogany Demi Lune Sideboard

D H Antique Furniture

Mahogany Demi Lune Sideboard

£ 995

Pollard Oak Aesthetic Movement Sideboard

£ 3450

Georgian Marble Top Console Table

Graham Smith Antiques Ltd

Georgian Marble Top Console Table

£ 2950

Victorian Mahogany Chiffonier Sideboard

£ 1150

Antique Oak Dresser

Hingstons Antiques

Antique Oak Dresser

£ 2375

Victorian Antique Pine Painted Dresser Base Sideboard

£ 1250

1920's Sideboard / Cupboard with Drawers

£ 175

Carved Ipswich Oak Sideboard

£ 1250

English burr walnut Credenza with Carrara marble top

£ 2350

Quality Carved Oak Sideboard

Mabel Rose Interiors

Quality Carved Oak Sideboard

£ 295

20th Century Pitch Pine Kitchen Unit

Hastings Antiques Warehouse

20th Century Pitch Pine Kitchen Unit

£ 175

Mahogany Regency Style Sideboard

£ 895

Victorian Mahogany Pedestal Sideboard 7297875

£ 595

Antique Queen Anne Style Burr Walnut Sideboard

£ 850


Vintage and Antique Sideboards from Different Eras 

Like any type of antique furniture, sideboards changed a lot over time, and you can often tell what era they are from due to the design features alone. If you are searching for an antique sideboard for sale, you may be thinking of buying a piece from a certain era to match your dining set, and our listings include pieces from many historic periods.  

A style that’s quite sought-after is the art deco sideboard, which adds a decadent 1920's touch to your room. Antique sideboards from these eras often include cocktail cabinets, so you can shake and stir in the comfort of your own home.  

Like many other antique enthusiasts, you may be looking for an 18th century sideboard, which were often made in ornate styles. In this era, you’ll also find a lot of bow front antique sideboards, which are slightly less bulky and ideal for smaller spaces. Of course, you’ll also find vintage sideboards for sale that work well in big, dramatic spaces, such as a large antique sideboard buffet which can easily hold all your tableware. 

An Antique Sideboard Showcases Real Vintage Wood 

So much modern furniture is made from MDF, so if you want something sturdy for your room, it’s worth looking for an antique sideboard. You can choose options such as: 

  • An oak sideboard – oak is used in Georgian, Victorian, Gothic and a wide range of other styles. If you’re looking for vintage sideboards to match your dining furniture, oak is often a popular choice
  • A mahogany sideboard – mahogany is rarely used for furniture nowadays, as the wood is endangered. If you’re looking for vintage sideboards for sale made in mahogany, then you’ll find many choices through LoveAntiques  
  • A pine vintage sideboard – pine is still a popular wood, and you may have many pieces of furniture that use pine around the home. Antique pine tends to be more solid and full of character, so it’s worth looking for antique sideboard furniture, rather than shopping for something new 
  • A walnut sideboard cabinet – walnut is another wood you won’t see much in modern furniture shops, so if you want a piece in this deep, rich wood, looking for an antique sideboard might be your best choice 

Vintage Sideboards Work in any Room of the House 

While antique sideboards were designed for use in your dining area, there’s no reason you can’t have them in other rooms of the house. 

Many of our vintage sideboards for sale would look great in a living room, if you’re trying to get a retro look. Some people use them as storage for bits and pieces to keep the room tidy, or even to hide a TV!   

A vintage sideboard could also be a good piece to have in a dressing room, as they have shelves and practical storage space that is useful. Large sideboards are also great for open plan spaces and multi-purpose rooms, giving you somewhere to stash things away.  

Unusual Sideboards, Antiques that make Conversation Pieces 

Antique sideboards are the kind of furniture that gets noticed in your home. An antique sideboard buffet that has carved wood or other ornate features will instantly elevate a room and make it more interesting.  

Any of our unusual sideboards can create a focal point in a room. Investing in this kind of antique sideboard pays off, as it’s often the first thing people notice, so you can design the rest of your décor around this piece. Antique sideboard furniture can work well in both modern and period homes, depending on the era and style. 

Find an Antique Sideboard for Sale from a Reputable Dealer 

LoveAntiques provides listings from verified dealers, so you can feel confident that when you buy an antique sideboard buffet, or any antique item, that it’s been listed by an expert. Our website brings together lots of dealers from across the UK, so you can quickly and easily find the type of antique sideboard you’ve been looking for, without walking round endless markets.  

'Start browsing our range of antique sideboards by using the menu on the right to filter your options, or simply scroll through and see the huge variety on offer.  


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