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Antique Treen

The literal definition of Treen is "of a tree" and it refers to small handmade functional household objects which are made of wood.

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Vintage Housemaid

Housemaids wooden bucket c1900-1930 Pine with metal fittings and carrying handle Good novelty storage Delivery included to Mainland UK


$58 €51

Antique Oak Cutlery Tray from Courtyard Antiques

Good Victorian cutlery tray in Oak It has two compartments Shaped integral carrying handle Includes delivery to UK Mainland


$160 €141

Lignum Vitae Wool Bowl c.1870 from Ray Best Antiques

This is a large 19th Century antique lignum vitae wool bowl with both sap and heart wood The ball of wool was placed in the bowl while knitting to stop


$90 €79

Unusual Antique Treen Money Box c.1860 from Graver Antiques and Interiors

Here we have an unusual 19th Century Victorian antique treen money box with a screw top This has a lovely colour and condition


$315 €275

Unusual Antique Treen String Box c.1860 from Graver Antiques and Interiors

This is an unusual 19th Century antique treen string box made from a lovely turned shaped lignum-vitae Lovely original colour and condition


$507 €444