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Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian Pottery Orange Vase from British Ceramics and Paintings

This is an attractive Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian Pottery VaseFully marked to the underside


$87 €77

West German Otto Keramik / Otto Gerharz Blues & Gold Modernist UFO Ceramic Floor Vase from Anye

This rare find Otto Keramik UFO vase is definitively a statement piece The presence from its height and diameter draws the eye to appreciate the refined mottled glaze blending a


$201 €178

West German Marei Keramik Mustard, Indigo & Purple

A wonderfully vibrant piece bearing the classic Marei colour palette characteristics with the gloss mustard leather glaze bearing splashes of the mottled indigo and powdered purple decor The mottled lava


$48 €42

West German Carstens Blue & Stone Glaze Decor Ceramic Floor Vase - Model 1507-27 from Anye

A piece that is radiating Mediterranean vibes the vibrant gloss Cobalt blue glaze sings out against its matte stone counterpart and the carefully traced ring of checked outlines in the


$68 €60

West German Att. to Otto Keramik Mottled Blues, Brown & Green Gloss Glaze Ceramic Urn Vase from Anye

A rare find this ball-urn shaped vase bears the refined mottled glaze blending a spectrum of cool blues ranging from pale to deep and interspersing this melding with dusting of


$42 €37

Pair of Chinese Red Cinabar Vases from Bridport Antiques

Here we have offered for sale an unusual pair of red Cinabar Chinese vases in exceptional condition


$567 €501

Spanish Melchor Tito Ubeda Gold, Green & Blue

A charmingly and deceptively simple pottery vase by the Tito family of Ubeda Jan of Southern Spain the family come from a long dynasty of potters This particular piece is


$35 €31

Scandinavian Studio Art Glass Modernist in Orange, White & Ebony Bottle Vase Style from Anye

Presenting a mesmerising piece of studio art glass shaped as a Solifleur bottle vase The technique is similar to that of the Italian Sommerso technique where there are multiple layers


$68 €60

Italian Murano Bullicante Turquoise Teal & Amber

Presenting a majestic Mid Century Modernist influenced Murano Bullicante sculpted art glass vaseThe Bullicante technique - the technique of capturing the cascade of bubbles within the glass - is gloriously


$337 €298

Japanese Bohemian Cobalt Blue & Citrine Yellow Biomorphic Art Glass, Tulip Cased Glass Vase from Anye

At first glance this beautiful piece appears to be the Czech Josef Hospodka abstract tulip vase however linger your glance for a short while longer and youll see the difference


$74 €66

19th Century Royal Bonn German Vase Painted like Wemyss of the same period from Audrey

This is a very beautiful vase and people have often asked if it is by the Scottish pottery Wemyss It is in fact made in the Royal Bonn factory of


$94 €83

Antique Bohemian Cased & Flashcut Cranberry Vase with Floral & Gilt Decoration from Audrey

This is a beautiful antique Bohemian glass vase It is cranberry glass cased within a layer of white glass which is flash cut to expose the underlying cranberry It is


$76 €67

Large Antique Imari Porcelain Vase c.1870 from Graver Antiques Decorative Objects

This is a large 19th Century antique Imari porcelain vaseof baluster form with flared neckwith painted panels of figures and animals in landscape on a brocade ground


$4,135 €3,657

Small Vintage Moorcroft Vase in Anemone Pattern, 9.8cm Tall from Audrey

This is a pretty little Moorcroft vase in excellent condition It is decorated with two anemone flowers in the original anemone pattern designed by Walter Moorcroft It stands 98cm tall


$120 €106

Swedish Kosta

This beautifully tranquil piece of art was made by legendary Swedish glass designer Vicke Lindstrand from his Seaweed series capturing the moment of motion - of seaweed gently lulling amongst


$268 €237

Pair of Antique French Ornate Gilded Urns from Graver Antiques Decorative Objects

These are a pair of 19th Century Antique French ornate gilded urns Very unusual decorative objects Perfect condition


$743 €657

Fine Quality Antique French Marble Urns c.1860 from Graver Antiques Decorative Objects

These are a fine quality pair of 19th Century French antique marble urns They are unusually coloured marble quality gilt metal mounts


$1,114 €985

Italian Bertoncello Mid Century Modern Sculptural Space Age Cream Leather Glaze Ceramic Vase from Anye

This is a wonderfully sumptuous piece of mid-century modern ceramic The texture of the glaze the colours the curves and the balance of the form It is every bit as


$65 €58

Italian Bertoncello Mid Century, Modernist Cream & Sienna

Presenting a sculpted and Modernist influenced piece of Italian ceramic The glaze is silky and smooth to touch and not too overtly glossy Visually it presents as a refined blending


$97 €86

Italian Bertoncello Modernist Sculptural Space Age Tan ‘Leather’ Glaze Ceramic Floor Vase from Anye

Gorgeous isnt it The texture of the glaze the colours the curves the balance of the form Yes it is every bit as ultra-chic as it looks and even more


$211 €187

Danish Michael Andersen Keramik, Ceramic Vase Des. by Marianne Starck, Initialled & Stamped from Anye

Presenting a work of Danish Mid Century design The glaze is every bit as beautiful as can be seen in the photos the deeper brown glaze is a finely mottled


$34 €30