A LoveAntiques User Guide To Buying Antiques Online

We at LoveAntiques.com always do our best to make sure we have genuine antiques from the industry’s most trusted dealers.  Ensuring people buying antiques can do so with confidence - here are some top tips from LoveAntiques for anyone looking to buy antiques online:
  • Buy from a trusted dealer website - use a website that screens its antique dealers.  Companies such as Ebay and Gumtree don’t know their sellers, however a trusted antique sales website like LoveAntiques only allows genuine antique dealers the ability to upload.
  • Do your research on the antique you’re buying - If a claim is made on the description to add value to the item, do your research and make sure it is a genuine claim before you buy both on and offline.
  • Trusted Payment Method - when purchasing online, make sure you buy with a trusted payment method.  LoveAntiques allow their buyers to interact directly with antique dealers ensuring buyers get the best price possible, and are able to buy directly from the dealer.
  • Condition – always check with the antique seller what the condition the antique is in.  An image taken a year or 2 ago, may not represent the condition it is in today.  LoveAntiques has a Declaration of Authenticity all dealers must obide by.
  • Delivery – find out the delivery cost of an item before buying it.  You don’t want to buy an item, and then find out it costs an extra £150 to get the item delivered.  When negotiating with dealers don’t be afraid to ask, as most will be able to recommend a good delivery option.  


Antique Furniture


LoveAntiques has a vast array of beautiful antique furniture available to buyers.  To view our selection, simply click the name 'Antique Furniture' above or search furniture in the search bar to the right of the page.  Our selection of furniture is from our trusted dealer base, and offers some of the finest quality on the market.  If you don't find an item you're looking for please do drop us an email at info@loveantiques.com and we'll do our best to find it for you.    

Vintage Jewellery


For a selection of the finest vintage jewellery the web has to offer, go to www.LoveAntiques.com/jewellery.  We pride ourselves on offering the industry's best items from the most trusted dealers.  If you're looking for that something special then go to our jewellery section and have a browse.   

Vintage Luggage


Want an exclusive item to travel in style?  LoveAntique's antique and vintage luggage selection is for you.  Browse a number of different suitcases, coffers and other luggage items in our luxurious Vintage Luggage section.