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Scandinavian / Swedish 'Folk Art' Blekinge chair, three-legged, curved back & circular seat c.1850 (1 of 31)
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Scandinavian / Swedish 'Folk Art' Blekinge chair, three-legged, curved back & circular seat c.1850

REF: 2089 - 060121 / LA330128
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Certified DealerApproved listing187 sales by dealerFree Delivery
For sale is a delightful Swedish 'folk art' country chair from the mid to early 19th Century. - Blekinge chair, from Southern Sweden bordering the Baltic Sea and Skåne. - *A very individual form, with a distinctly strong design / local character due to the splayed three-legged design, with a low curved back around a circular seat. - Beautiful attractive wear and patina throughout as shown in the images. - The circular seat base has the three legs secured through it as shown in the images of the base and has decorative turning around the full circumference. - The attractive curve of the low back (which looks to be elm) is secured by three half split turned spindles to the centre and edges with two smaller fully turned spindles between. All recess into the back rail curve and through/into the seat base. - The tripod legs all have some decorative turning on them splitting them into sections. - Sometimes these type of chairs are painted and decorated in the later 19th Century, this one has some light brown paint to the legs and short back spindles along with a beautiful worn patina to the wood. - ** Blekinge chairs practical on uneven floors initially clay in the 18th Century but then board as rural homes/farms became more affluent. The chair is a beautifully simple design executed with woodworking skill that has survived some 150+years and will continue to provide great utility. - Please note the wrought iron candlestick and three-legged Scottish milking stool are for scale/context and are not included in this sale but are available from W&W Antiques. Contact us if you wish to purchase multiple items for combined shipping Reference: * Holme, C. (Ed) 1910, Peasant art in Sweden, Lapland & Iceland. ** Klein, B. & Widbom, M. (Ed) (1994) Swedish Folk Art: All tradition is change.
46 cm
44 cm
Height of seat back 72
W&W Antiques has clarified that the Scandinavian / Swedish 'Folk Art' Blekinge chair, three-legged, curved back & circular seat c.1850 (LA330128) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1850
Please consider the photographs and description as a great record of the condition of this antique chair at 150+ years of age.
This Scandinavian / Swedish 'Folk Art' Blekinge chair, three-legged, curved back & circular seat c.1850 is located in United Kingdom