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Swedish Mid 18th Century Rococo Period Original Paint Slant-fronted Desk (1 of 41)
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Swedish Mid 18th Century Rococo Period Original Paint Slant-fronted Desk

REF: 3006 - 290321 / LA343765
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Certified DealerApproved listing189 sales by dealer
Certified DealerApproved listing189 sales by dealer
For sale is a beautiful Swedish late Baroque into Rococo period slant-front desk / bureau c. 1740-1780. - Original red/brown paint(s), wax and wear over thick gauge pine construction. This was a piece of case storage furniture built to be strong and to last and it has stood the test of time. - Slant front bureau / writing desk with drop down lid on original wrought iron hinges. The desk top is supported with pull out sliders/lopers over three large draws, two full width and the top one inboard due to the lopers. - The internal desk space has great utility with stepped waterfall banks of draws, with curved dividers to the left and right. In total 10 individual draws, eight plain fronts with wooden carved pulls and two upper / decorative with curved sinuous shapes below solid brass pull knobs. The draw fronts show superb patina and wear from use along with three useful storage spaces. - Brass hardware in the form of decorative drop ring latch / pulls with decorative centre disc brass and the same for the lock escutcheon (no keys). The brassware to the three draws presents a lovely design balance in triplicate repeated for each level in the Swedish style, with the centre draw being the largest of the three. - Sitting on curved / scalloped decorative corner bracket feet (conserved/part-replaced to the rear/side). Dimensions: - Desk surface height = 77cm - Width at feet = 102cm - Depth (without lid down) = 51cm - Depth (with lid down) = 83cm - Total height (Floor to surface at top of slant lid) = 104cm The original paint, age-related wear and patina have developed naturally over the years to form the superb appearance of today with genuine antique character from the 18th Century. The desk lid has a period metal repair on the left hand side with candle wax on it that remains and we think is particularly charming. One of our favourite finds of the last year. Paint patina at its best from a genuine antique, not re-painted just conserved in its condition. Ready for further utility and service. In the 18th Century a slant-top desk was a practical piece of case furniture for writing, reading and storage and remains so today. Today this type of slant-fronted desk remains popular for bedrooms, kitchens and small living spaces with great storage flexibility for multi-purpose use. *items for context only in the images and not for sale with this listing from W&W Antiques, 18th Century stumpstake wrought iron candlestick (available for sale from W&W Antiques), Horse mangleboard, Gustavian mirror (NFS) and kurbits print (NFS).
104 cm
102 cm
51 cm
W&W Antiques has clarified that the Swedish Mid 18th Century Rococo Period Original Paint Slant-fronted Desk (LA343765) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1760
Please consider the photographs and description as a great record of the condition of this antique item. The antique bureau at 250 years+ is in great solid condition and is constructed of serious heavy duty period pine, it has a low-level of historic woodworm to the lower back pine boards but the case itself is in great condition and is a strong piece of furniture.
This Swedish Mid 18th Century Rococo Period Original Paint Slant-fronted Desk is located in Moray (Elginshire), United Kingdom