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William Comyns Antique Silver Case & Later Aneroid Barometer (1 of 9)
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From 2013, Larkin & Gallow have been giving new life to elegant, beautiful and 'well loved' antiques, saving items of British hallmarked silver from being scrapped through sensitive restoration, renewal and regeneration.
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William Comyns Antique Silver Case & Later Aneroid Barometer

REF: P23 - 85 / LA477339
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This delightfully worked silver faced case is from the Comyns workshop and was most likely a Goliath watch case which has latterly been used to house an aneroid barometer. Overall the case is careworn but serviceable, as is the much younger barometer. However, the main event is most definitely the superb pierced silver-work that exemplifies the work coming out of the William Comyns workshop at the beginning of the 20th century.
110 mm
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45 mm
295 g
Larkin & Gallow has clarified that the William Comyns Antique Silver Case & Later Aneroid Barometer (LA477339) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1903
The condition of the pierced silver casing is very good, as is the much later vintage London made nickel plated barometer within. In contrast, the rear of the case is careworn reflecting the 100+ years of service and has lost most of the original faux leather covering, as has the original easel (which remains functional). We have elected to offer this lovely item in it's current form, on the basis that a buyer may prefer this, rather than an overly restored 'as new' item. However if a potential buyer would prefer the case in restored condition, we would happily work with them to tailor it to an agreed specification. Please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have in mind.
This William Comyns Antique Silver Case & Later Aneroid Barometer is located in Suffolk, United Kingdom
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