12/9/2023, 11:18:44

William Comyns - Silversmith

William Comyns first set up his noted Silversmith business in London in 1859 and continued to expand as his sons joined the business. His early success came from producing extremely decorative die stamped tableware and then later the company would become noted for their interpretive works of important historical makers such as Paul de Lampiere. William died in 1916 and the firm continued operation under his family, until sold in 1953 to Bernhard Copping who continues the legacy today. 

Comyn’s designs are often Rococco in influence with extremely ornate embossed details. The ‘WC’ Hallmark remains highly collected to this day. We have a fine selection of quality pieces for sale by William Comyns and later generations offered by knowledgeable and trusted dealers.

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