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African Elephant Stool Carved from Single Piece of Wood c.1900 from Elmgarden

This is a superb piece of African Native carving the stool depicts handsome elephant with his trunk curved under This is solid piece and very sturdy a lucky elephant which


$319 €282

2 African Paintings Gold Leaf on Linen of Natives by Artist Chux from Trade Antiques

These are a wonderfully painted pair of gold leaf paintings of natives by artist Chux They have subtle use of colours and intricate details They date 1970s -1980s and comes


$211 €186

Large Mounted Impala Skull with Horns - Uganda 1910 from Richard Elder Antiques

This is a large antique impala skull with horns mounted on an oak shield There is faded lettering to the base of the shield - RHE Uganda - 1903-10The overall


$415 €366

North African Arm Dagger c.1880 from Salisbury Antiques

Offered for sale is this 19th Century antique North African arm dagger


$179 €158

Pair of Carved Tribal African Man & Woman Ethnographic Hardwood Wall Plaques from Bargain Garden Antiques

These are a pair of carved Tribal African man woman ethnographic hardwood wall display plaques This is a stunningly hand carved Man woman tribal people Bought from a


$511 €451

Kuba Cloth c.1930 from Molly and Maud

Handmade piece of Kuba Cloth from the Congo This would have been used as a mans ceremonial wedding outfit The item would work well as a wall hanging or table


$887 €783

Pair of Small Vintage Tribal Men Dancing African Ethnographic Warrior Statues from Bargain Garden Antiques

This is a stunning vintage pair tribal African men ethnographic warrior dancing statues Male men figures on slim bases Enacting a war hunt dance drummer with archer Excellent ornate detail


$383 €338

African Root Carving c.1870 from Breedon Antiques

Superb quality carved work depicting four of the most dangerous consider Victorian carved in heavy wood condition is good


$1,270 €1,122

Rare African Slave in Chains Carving c.1800 from Breedon Antiques

This is an old carving carved in heavy dense wood possibly ebony depicts a male african in chains stands 36cm high offering free worldwide delivery


$1,015 €896

African Tribal Statue from Badger Collectables

Offered for sale is this really distinctive African Tribal statue It is beautifully crafted metal depiction of two tribesmen


$70 €62

Moroccan Turquoise Glazed Plate from Offbeat Interiors

This is a stunning antique Moroccan turquoise glazed plate with ornate brass engraved overlay Originally displayed in a mosque 120 years old


$306 €271

African Zebra Skin Drum c.1900 from LT Antiques

This is an African drum made with Zebra skin stretched over a wooden frame It stands on a tripod base of 3 zebra legsfeet Makes a good sound with a


$574 €507

Eastern Egyptian Table c.1920 from Antique & Decorative

From the early Twentieth Century this highly decorative table has a circular brass top that is inlaid with copper and white metal The folding base is inlaid with bone and


$306 €271

Painted Chinese Table Dinner Gong c.1950 from Elmgarden

Painted Chinese Table Dinner Gong This is a very bright and colourful piece the stand is made in a carved wood embossed and relief painted with back to back dragons


$415 €366

Large North African Folk Art 3 Fold Screen c.1900 from Elmgarden

This is a very heavy piece the screen is made from hard wood and decorated by the geometric patterns of turned wooden spindles joined and set in to rectangular sections


$1,079 €953

African Carved Female Sculpture c.1920 from Inspire

This is a large and decorative 20th Century black stone carving of an African female figure It has been elegantly sculptured with bold fronts Bearing no signature of the artist


$1,200 €1,060

African Hunter Wood Carving C.1900 from Inspire

This large floor standing carving depicting an African hunter with his kill is very detailed life like and decorative A club has been added later to enhance the image


$702 €620

African Fertility God C.1910 from Inspire

African hand carved wood sculpture showing a Fertility God This is a larger size attention to detail in the carving throughout There a minor natural splits in the wood


$383 €338

North African Marble Mosaic Table c.1920 from Elmgarden

North African marble Mosaic table with a difference this table is made in solid wood with primitive carved decoration on the legs stretcher and the border around the table topThe


$1,596 €1,409

24 Tribal & Folk Art Spoons from Savanna

These are 24 tribal and folk art spoons from the late 19th Century to early 20th Century comprising spoons and ladles of wood horn bone and brass one dated 1779


$3,574 €3,156

Six Katanga Copper Currency Crosses from Savanna

A set of Six Katanga Copper Currency Crosses from the Democratic Republic of CongoA Katanga Cross also called a handa is a cast copper ingot in the shape of a


$1,021 €902