Pre 16th Century

Pre 16th Century antiques are incredibly rare and valuable.  They’re from before 1599 and are usually simply designed pieces to reflect a less adventurous and simpler time. 

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Marble Draped Figure from Abaco

Offered for sale is this Roman-Greek marble draped figure


$6,232 €5,541

Superb Norman Period Pewter Jug 1066-1485 from Michael Young Antiques

much like the one illustrated in Old Pewter by Malcolm Bell Plate CII This just as to be expected is constructed in two parts the junction of the two at


$6,498 €5,778

Pair of Tang Dynasty Terracotta Leaping Horses from Salisbury Antiques

These are a pair of antique Tang Dynasty terracotta leaping horses each with an under mount


$4,224 €3,756

Japanese 14th Century Samuria Sword from Breedon Antiques

Kodachi two handed sword descendant of the Tachi The condition is quite good given the swords age slight nicks on blades cutting edge consider if polished this sword should be


$4,549 €4,045

Chinese Tang Figure from Inspire

Chinese Tang figure of woman playing musical instrument on wooden baseChinese Tang Dynasty 618-9078th century


$2,598 €2,310

Manuscript Leaf From the Kalpa Sutra c.1500 from IM Chaney Antique Furniture

Western India Gugerat Jain c1500 Manuscript leaf from the Kalpa Sutra with text in Prakruit Leaf measures approx 23 x 10 cms

Chinese Han Dynasty Terracotta Painted Bowl from IM Chaney Antique Furniture

This is a Chinese Han Dynasty terracotta painted bowl with stylised decoration around the inside and outside Han Dynasty 206 BC220 AD